1 shirt, 5 outfits

We recently started a new series of blog posts in which we always style a specific Printa garment in five different styles. Our goal is to show how many different ways each piece can be used, thereby encouraging you to create a more conscious wardrobe.

The first member of the series was the popular slouchy pants, and now we chose a piece from the new Formes collection, the zero waste white shirt. This is a classic basic piece, which is made special by the elongated back. Oversized style, the production of which produced no textile waste, and the material is 100% GOTS certified organic cotton.

Zita Majoros - the designer of Printa - presents this versatile piece to you through five sets.


Everyone usually immediately associates a white shirt with formal outfits, so our first set is a classic office look. Wear it with dark trousers, elegant shoes and you're ready for an office-compatible outfit! If you have a feeling of lack, then choose some restrained jewelry or belt!


This vintage look is a true fall classic, both in color and style. The rust-brown pants reflect the colors of the season nicely, and the natural rope belt makes the overall look even more casual. Combined with a fabric jacket and boots, it's a great seasonal outfit that can be great for cozy autumn walks and any time on weekdays.


This natural set was inspired by Zita's style. A casual, comfortable outfit, which is dominated by the beige color and gently broken by the white color of the shirt. Zita combined it with cotton canvas slouchy trousers, the zero waste balloon jacket and a pair of boots, resulting in a perfect autumn set. The collar of the shirt should be shown from under the jacket, it gives a casually stylish look.


The zero waste white shirt is also ideal for your sporty sets, as it is a very comfortable item in itself thanks to the oversized style and fine organic cotton. Wear it with your favorite jeans, a comfortable sneaker and you are ready for the busy weekdays! With a scarf, you can easily brighten up any outfit, and it's even practical in the cool autumn weather.


The zero waste white shirt is also perfect for a party night. It's a shirt, which gives the wearer a more elegant appearance from the start, and a cool leather jacket can nicely offset the seriousness of the piece. The elongated back allows it to be worn with jegging-like pants, which Zita paired this time with high-heeled ankle boots.

We hope you found our blog post useful and were inspired by our ideas!

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