1 pants, 5 outfits

We are starting a new series of blog posts, in which each time we show a specific Printa garment in five different ways. It is important that we can use our wardrobe as efficiently as possible, not only for personal reasons, but also from the point of view of sustainability.

Zita Majoros - Printa's designer - always keeps in mind when designing the collections that its pieces harmonize nicely with each other, so in fact almost any piece can be paired with any other. We would like to show you this in practice and give you additional styling ideas. Read on for the full blog post!

The first character is the slouchy women's trousers in natural cotton canvas. These are mom-fit, carrot-shaped, loose pants, which, thanks to their cut and beige color, can be super combined with almost anything.


You can wear our slouchy pants in a sporty way: simply put on a loose top - it is recommended to wear it from the front -, a pair of sports shoes and you are ready to go! You can complete your outfit with a belt, and in cooler weather throw on a cardigan, a sweater or a loose jacket!


Our slouchy pants can also be worn elegantly; the light beige color already suggests a cleaner appearance. Choose a nice blouse and an elegant shoe - it can even be a classy stiletto - or combine it with a simple top, a delicate belt and the unique brushed Printa coat!


Smart casual sets are becoming more and more popular. Our slouchy pants are also great for this, as they are a casually elegant piece in themselves. Wear it with sneakers, a simple top and a blazer! The Printa mustard blazer is a perfect choice because it is formal, but not overly so thanks to its color and double-breasted buttoning. If you still don't feel like your outfit is complete after this, then dress it up with simple, but not ordinary jewelry - Zita chose half circle wooden earrings.


This bohemian collection was created for those for whom comfort is a primary concern, and their style is edgy and relaxed. For slouchy pants, wear comfortable shoes or slippers, a urban tote bag that can hold everything, and with the Köszi nem t-shirt you can sneak some humor into your appearance and everyday life. Finally, pick up a soft, long cardigan, which will definitely keep you cool if the Indian summer turns cooler.


You can wear our slouchy pants in any style on weekdays, but comfort is always worth striving for. With a knitted, elastic waist sweater from Printa, these pants offer a truly casual overall look. Pair it with sports shoes or even boots in cooler weather! You can make this casual outfit even more autumnal with a classic balloon jacket.

We hope you found our blog post useful and were inspired by our ideas!

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