1 pants, 5 outfits - slouchy pants with a fluent pattern

We continue our series of articles in which we show a Printa garment in five ways. This time, the fluent patterned women's slouchy pants are in line, which is one of the key pieces of the SS22 Sentience collection. You already know the iconic slouchy style, it is one of the most popular Printa pieces, so there could be no doubt that the fluent pattern of Sentience also comes to life on the slouchy pants. The pattern makes the casual pants a statement piece, but thanks to its neutral color, it can be worn in many ways, even paired with other Sentience patterns. Let's see how Zita wears this accent piece!


If you want something really striking, but you don't want to give up comfort, then the fluent pattern sweater and the complementary pair of pants will be your favorite. Put on your most comfortable shoes and a giant shopper that fits everything, and your busy schedule can start - in patterns from head to toe!

Fluent pattern slouchy women's trousers

Fluent pattern women's sweater

Giant jute shopper with black strap


The slouchy pants with a fluent pattern are made of natural linen, which makes them suitable for summer wear. When putting together the set, Zita was already prepared for a walk by the water, so she paired it with a light pink kimono, a playful hat and a small bag, and with it all she wore a pair of slippers.

Fluent pattern slouchy women's trousers

Pink Kimono

Mustard tencel leotard


The slouchy pants with a fluent pattern will of course not let you down on weekdays either: you can wear them with any simple t-shirt and sneakers, and your outfit will not be boring. Zita added a little something extra to the outfit with the mustard colored blazer, for which she chose the natural felt shopper.

Fluent pattern slouchy women's trousers

Manager of myself pink T-shirt

BARE felt shopper


Most of us instinctively reject wearing different patterns together, because it's easy to mix them up, but if you match them tastefully, you can get a really fresh and exciting set. Zita passed the test without any problems: she combined the pants with a beige poplin top with a journey pattern. The two Sentience patterns go hand in hand, so feel free to pair them - mixing different patterns has never been easier!

Fluent pattern slouchy women's trousers

Journey patterned beige poplin top

Cylinder jute bag



The slouchy trousers with a fluent pattern can also be used for evening events: being a statement piece, you will have an easy time with them. Compensate the relaxed silhouette of the trousers with a tight top, which can be topped with an extra layer of elegance, say a cropped blazer. Choose sophisticated shoes, dress it up with some nice accessories, and let the evening begin!

The jacket is only available in the Rumbach Sebestyén utca store.

Fluent pattern slouchy women's trousers

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