4 basic black pieces that cannot be missing from anyone's wardrobe

Black is suitable for any occasion - apart from weddings: it is a deep, elegant color that benefits everyone and can be paired with anything. Long story short: we love black, so we are not willing to give it up even in summer.

One piece of the Summer 2022 collection was named Black Summer because it consists of all black pieces. Most of these are eternal staples that can fulfill their function in anyone's wardrobe, not only in summer. If your wardrobe or capsule wardrobe is missing one or two staples, then our blog post was written just for you.

ZW black tencel women's top

Finding the perfect black T-shirt is almost as difficult as finding the perfect pair of jeans - but it's just as essential as a pair of jeans. We have good news: you don't have to look any further, because we have created the black t-shirt with large letters. It is made of Tencel material, which is one of the softest environmentally friendly materials, so pleasant to wear that you won't even want to take it off. Its style has a delicate fit, which gives the wearer a casually elegant look, and the V-cut makes it even more advantageous. And the icing on the cake is that it is made using zero waste technology, so its production does not produce unnecessary textile waste.

ZW black tencel maxi dress

This oversized dress is the sister of the previous ZW top: it is also made of silky soft, 100% tencel, and the fit is just as smooth. The maxi dress is the best choice on those days when you run out of creativity or need to hurry, because you just slip into your favorite summer shoes or sneakers and you're ready to go - not to mention the limitless comfort. The bottom of the dress has two sides cut out, the greatness of this detail lies in its simplicity.

Black shorts

A pair of basic black shorts will be a favorite in your summer wardrobe. This universal style is just as suitable for a summer office set as it is for a weekend trip. It is made of 100% cotton material, so you will definitely not have to worry about the quality, and you can love it for many years. The length is also just ideal: it reaches above the knee, but is not yet so short that it is uncomfortable to wear.

Black cotton slouchy women's pants

Long-legged trousers are not completely abandoned in the summer, and a black one always comes in handy. Our slouchy style is your favorite piece, so in a previous blog post we already showed that it can be worn for any occasion. The cotton canvas material allows for summer wear, and by turning up the legs, it can be adapted even more to the summer season.

You can access the Black Summer collection by clicking here or visit the Rumbach Sebestyén utca store!

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