5 of our favorites from our children's clothing collection

Did you know that the relative usage time of children's clothing is usually less than that of adult clothing? That is why it is very important that durable, high-quality pieces find a place in the little one's wardrobe. At Printa, we make t-shirts and hoodies for children from GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified 100% cotton materials, which we make the little ones' favorite with water-based screening and unique patterns.

Alpaca pattern T-shirt

Maximum cuteness factor: the t-shirt, made of 100% organic cotton, hand-made with water-based screen printing, was dreamed up with one of the children's favorite animals in the main role white and beige in color. It's a comfortable and fun piece, so don't be surprised if your pup won't want to take it off! Paired with jeans, it gives its little wearer a cool and casual look.

Navy blue ruffled poplin baby girl dress

Our dark blue frilly baby girl dress with a loose cut is a favorite for the warm season! We love it not only because it is made of 100% organic cotton and has GOTS and OEKO-TEX certification, but also because the charming frills and the navy shade evoke cloudless summer vacations and adventures by the water.

Forest children's sweater

Due to logging, the increase of agricultural areas, and the spread of urbanization, deforestation is accelerating worldwide, which greatly endangers the environment. Therefore, with the sale of each of our children's sweatshirts with a pine branch pattern, we support the planting of a tree through the Myforest foundation, which has set its banner for community afforestation. Environmental protection and children's fashion go hand in hand - do you need more?

Bow poplin girl top

The bow turns every piece of clothing into a fairy. Our dark blue girl's top with a bow offers a comfortable feeling thanks to its pleasantly soft, 100% organic cotton material and loose cut, so it can be worn anywhere, whether it's for special occasions or casual play. The icing on the cake is that this lovely piece is also GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified.

Jersey children's T-shirt

This loose, terracotta-colored t-shirt with pockets, which can be worn by both girls and boys, is for the ever-moving, fun-loving little ones. This GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified piece looks good in combination with a skirt, fishing pants or jeans. Relaxed, airy style that makes playing an experience!

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