Printa and waste

One of the most important questions of environmentally friendly production is what happens to the omitted details and waste. It's no use making a dress from the most organic materials, with the most demanding design, if the fallen pieces end up in the incinerator. In Hungary, it is not possible to recycle textiles, so clothes must be designed very carefully if we want to remain sustainable.

At Printa, we have been dealing with the use of recycled materials and residues from the beginning. We buy used men's shirts and leather jackets that are faulty, out of date, or stained, making them unfit for wear. We cut them into smaller pieces, which is how our well-known patchwork patterns are made. We also find a place for the smallest pieces, for example at the end of a rope belt.

We are constantly looking for new ways to reduce our production waste. We also use new, environmentally friendly textiles, which allow us to use cutting techniques without material residues - we currently have five zero waste dresses. But we're not stopping here, we're excited to see what the future holds...


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