Cropped blazer trend for Printa: we present the recycled UNIQUE jackets

Cropped blézer trend Printa módra: bemutatjuk az újrahasznosított UNIQUE zakókat

At Printa, we prefer multi-colored basic pieces, but we couldn't do without the cropped blazer trend either. Even though they are currently popular and fashionable pieces, a cropped jacket will be a well-used and popular piece of your wardrobe even after the hype has died down. The short, oversized style allows you to not have to completely give up wearing a blazer in spring and summer. This is especially good news on warmer days, when, in the absence of layering, we have to put together our outfit from much fewer pieces of clothing.

Printa cropped blazers add color to the permanent UNIQUE collection, as thanks to a lucky coincidence we got hold of quite a few men's jackets waiting to be thrown away from a second-hand store. They are in perfect condition, but have not found a home. We immediately saw the opportunity and the challenge in them, which is how the cropped blazer idea was born. The pieces were narrowed and adjusted not only in length, but also in some places - for example on the back - so they really got a completely new chance and life with a modern, fresh appearance.

Of course, we didn't condemn the cut lower part of the jackets to be thrown away either: a belt-like additional, extra layer was made from these textiles, which make any set and its silhouette unusually exciting. Each piece is unique and highly limited, so you can only find them in the Rumbach Sebestyén utca store. And within the framework of a street style photo shoot, we will also show you the end result.

1.) Paired with fresh pine green beige pieces

2.) Classic checkered jacket in an even more classic color palette

3.) Special yellow mixed with shades of blue

4.) Beige look for any occasion