We invite you on an inner journey: the Printa SS22 Sentience collection is here!

Printa's SS22 collection is defined by four different patterns, created intuitively by designer Zita Majoros.As a result, a collection driven by emotions was born, which became truly authentic precisely because of the instinctive creative process.The four patterns of Sentience show what it's like when the concept is that there is no concept, only suggestive, free thoughts.

Black women's sweater with Journey pattern

Colour block cargo pants

The Sentience pieces are made for the spring-summer season, but their functionality is not only limited to warm days: sweaters, long-sleeved tops and dresses, blazers and slouchy pants are perfect for early spring weather, and cooler also on summer evenings, and they allow for versatile pairing and layering.Lightweight dresses, asymmetrical skirts and light tops help you get through the scorching sun in style.

Burgundy knitted tunic with rubber sleeves

Natural organic cotton skirt with elastic waist

Everyone's favorite, the popular slouchy trousers are available in the Sentience collection in an exciting pistachio green and fluent pattern.We also have no shortage of accessories: the giant tote bag is now also available in natural, many pockets and (yoga) mat durable versions.The sweetest Printa bag to date has also seen the light of day: a small, long-strap cylindrical jute bag can accompany us on summer walks.

Black strap jute shopper 

Journey, fluent, folium and fragment - the four Sentience patterns.Journey is inspired by wayfinding, inner travel and geographic lines, while fluent is inspired by waves, rivers, energy flows and flow.The leaf-like shapes of folium evoke nature, harmony and inner calm.And the fragment is the imprint of the fragments of information that surround and flood us, which, disintegrated like puzzle pieces, nevertheless exist collectively and involuntarily permeate our everyday vision.

Cylinder jute bag

The collection is characterized by a bipolar line: in addition to the definite cut lines, there are also airy, free-falling pieces, so these two opposites create a pleasant contrast and balance each other.In the collection, the feminine and masculine features are proportionately blended together.And the oversized silhouette is nothing new under the Sun for Printa.Oversized styles are not only for comfort and style, as they are the most practical in the heat, and some pieces also have extra volume at the sleeves, waist or shoulders.

Folium Mini Dress 

The color range evokes the joys of summer: sand color, immaculate white, chocolate brown, black and burgundy with a hint of eggplant, while bright pink and creamy pistachio color reflect the freshness of the season.Despite the different patterns, the pieces can be easily combined with each other, Sentience creates a coherent world.

Pink asymmetrical women's top

This time again, Printa covers us exclusively in natural materials: GOTS and OEKO-TEX certified organic cotton, natural cotton and linen, specially structured jacquard materials and - in the case of sweaters - recycled cotton.As always, the patterns were applied to the individual pieces by hand, using water-based screen printing in the Printa workshop.

Fragment Pattern Black Women's Overalls

The Printa SS22 Sentience collection can be viewed on the webshop and in the Rumbach Sebestyén utca store.

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