How to wear bold colors? - 3 colorful Printa looks

Our love for the color black has already been shown in the Black Summer collection, and neutral shades have been with Printa since the beginning. Of course, this does not exclude other colors from the party, fresh color spots always appear in the collections. This summer, designer Zita Majoros was inspired by green, turquoise and pink, and in today's blog post we show you how we would wear these pieces together.

Green and pink are a real bold pair, together they create a creative and fresh effect. The pants are made of quality jacquard material, which leads the playful overall image to more sophisticated waters. The natural color of linen looks good with anything, so we imagined this set with the BARE canvas bag, and if you would like extra accessories, we recommend the natural rope belt and grass green earrings with the same folium pattern.

Pink women's trousers

BARE Linen canvas bag

Natural rope belt

Green folium pattern top

Ryn green earrings

The cut of the folium dress is reminiscent of the iconic minidresses of the 60s, and the distinctive pattern makes it impossible to blend in with the crowd. The green amoeba earrings modestly break it all up, and if you want to style it on your silhouette, get a natural macrame belt that you can wear around the waist and hips.

Folium minidress

Leather card holder

Cylinder jute bag

Wide macramé hemp belt

Green amoeba wood earrings

The hype around coordinated sets is still unbroken! In a previous blog post, we already showed the Print variations. The turquoise journey pattern t-shirt and shorts are another brave duo: the characteristic journey pattern has been added to the bright color with water-based screen printing, which makes this outfit even more characterful. For all this, we chose a neutral, corduroy shopper and a delicate pink earring.

Leather card holder

Journey pattern turquoise shorts

Journey pattern blue t-shirt

Cord velvet shopper

Pink amoeba wood earrings

Would you like to add more colors to your wardrobe? Check out the discounted pieces!

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