Light tops for the last days of summer - 3 Printa outfit

Könnyed toppok a nyár utolsó napjaira - 3 Printa outfit

Although autumn is already on the horizon, there are still a few weeks of summer time left. Printa says goodbye to the season with loose, 100% cotton tops, which are also compatible with the transition period, so you can wear them for months until the next summer. As usual, we show you how to style the individual pieces through outfit combinations: 3 Printa looks, which - supplemented with a jacket - are also optimal at the beginning of autumn. Let's see!

The light blue tie top is the successor to our best-selling poplin tops , with the only difference being that the tie part is lower than the waist. A delicate, light piece that becomes sophisticated from its simplicity, so no matter what you pair it with, your set will not be boring. We drew inspiration from the light blue color of the top and carried the variations of the shade throughout the outfit.

Light blue tie top

Dark blue cotton slouchy women's pants

Black buildings canvas bag

Leather card holder

Scarf with doodle pattern

Balaton blue earrings

The centerpiece of the second set is the pink top with ruffled sleeves, which, thanks to its cut, makes the set unforgettable with its volume. You can consider the top as a statement piece, as the fuchsia and bold lines make it stand out from the crowd. That is why we have now styled it with subtle earth tones, which leaves enough space for the top. Not into fuchsia? Choose the top in a light blue version, with which beige also goes great!

Pink top with ruffled sleeves

Straight leg natural linen women's trousers

Wide macramé hemp belt

UNIQUE recycled leather and jute shopper

Leaf manhole cover necklace

Ryn green earrings

The mint-colored shirt with rubber sleeves gets its special style from the elongated back and the double-folded material at the front. It is made using a zero waste tailoring technique, so its production does not produce textile waste. We combined it with your favorite slouchy pants and pastel accessories, and a late-summer look was born that is perfect for walks, light events, but also ideal for work. If mint is far from you, look for it in classic white !

Shirt with mint rubber sleeves

Slouchy women's pants in natural cotton canvas

Corduroy shopper

Hemp rope belt

Sinai off-white earrings

Leather card holder

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