Discount on knitwear at Printa!


Knitted, knitted and more knitted. :) We honestly admit that we can't, and don't want to, give up knitwear made from the best recycled cotton yarn. From season to season, it causes quite a bit of confusion as to which styles best serve our customers who are used to comfort and relaxation. That's why most pieces have an oversized silhouette, which allows you to layer like a pro without feeling like a Michelin doll. The coldest months are still ahead of us, but are you already planning your spring wardrobe? That's not a problem either, without the extra layers, knitwear will be your favorite even in the spring sun. Read on for 20-30% off fluffy treats!


At Printa, you can now get both classic cardigans at a discount, which we brought to you in elegant navy and natural beige colors, with wooden buttons on the front. Versatile, timeless staples that you can wear with almost anything, but we like them best with our slouchy pants . If you want to wear it in a more extravagant outfit, wear a tight turtleneck or a crisp white shirt!


Have you ever toyed with the idea of ​​what it would be like to get up from the couch and walk out of the house wrapped in a blanket? Well, we do, that's how we dreamed up our extra long cardigans, in which we can live out this secret desire freely and stylishly. As you've come to expect from us, they come with two accent pockets and can be chosen in jet black , creamy beige or brown-purple !


Printa knitted sweaters are classic yet timeless pieces that you can wear with anything without overdoing it. The natural one has two pockets and a variable zippered neck, and the black and white one has a loose turtleneck. Both pieces close with a pass, thanks to which we can thank the gentle fall, and even seals the heat.


Are you familiar with the feeling when, on an early winter morning, you barely dare to stick your fingertip out from under the blanket, but you still have to go? Our long knitted dresses give a similar feeling, it is simply impossible not to enjoy wearing them. Turtleneck, comfortable, warm and loose: cares and covers. Choose from a brown-lavender color combination or from head to toe in black !


A beanie is the simplest piece of clothing in the world, but we made it stand out from the crowd with a screen-printed label. This is the floor plan of the Hétker, which has always played an important role in the life of Printa - we wrote more about the story here - and of course our store is also located here. Now you can get them cheaper in black and natural .


What is men's favorite winter item of clothing? It is most likely their most comfortable and warmest hoodie, which they can wear with anything without even thinking. You can choose the black Printa hoodies with a solid recycled pocket or without them , whatever you decide: you are dealing with timeless staples, and you can take them home with a 30% discount.

You can find our discount knitted items by clicking here . In the interest of sustainability, we always produce a limited number of pieces, so they are only available while stocks last.