Lavender purple and terracotta - What to combine?

The two most exciting colors of the new Printa Formes collection are terracotta and lavender purple.They cannot be called ordinary colors in any way, which is why many people shy away from them.That's why we thought we'd give you some inspiration on how to wear these two fresh shades.


Lavender purple is the color of moderation and harmony, it has a calming effect while stimulating creativity.In addition to the ones listed below, this bright color also works great with yellowish shades, dark green and powder colors, but feel free to experiment with other colors, you can't really beat it! It's surprising, but this color can be paired with more things than you think: to be honest, it goes with almost anything, but let's see what works best!


Neutral colors such as shades of beige, brown and gray go with everything, so they also look great with lavender lilac.They are neutral shades, so they are allowed to prevail beautifully and emphasize the delicacy of the lavender color.For this reason, the Formes collection is full of undyed, raw cotton canvas, whose natural shade is somewhere between beige and white.

Zero waste organic cotton T-shirt
Zero waste lavender purple cotton canvas balloon jacket
Natural organic cotton trousers


"Black goes with everything" - you've probably heard this phrase at least once in your life, but for some combinations it's better to choose dark blue instead of black, it provides a much finer overall look.Feel free to experiment with other shades of blue if you choose lavender purple!

Zero waste blue french terry t-shirt
Blue cotton overshirt jacket
Lavender purple cotton slouchy pants
Hemp rope belt


White is also one of the neutrals, but we wanted to highlight it because it works particularly well with lavender purple: together they provide a really clean, pleasant overall look.

Purple cotton overshirt jacket
Black cotton slouchy pants
Zero waste white shirt
Knotted black leather beltEdan earrings


Born from the meeting of brown and orange, it is the color of calm and vitality.Unlike lavender purple, terracotta is a more delicate color and cannot be combined with anything.In addition to those listed in the blog post, it also looks great with white, black, olive and army green, shades of gray and well-proven neutrals.


Dark blue harmonizes beautifully with anything - even lavender-lilac - and especially accentuates fresh colors - such as terracotta.You can pair it with other shades of blue if you don't shy away from specific, exciting combinations.

Terrace colors

Terracotta is also classified as an earthy color, but it looks wonderful with the two extremes of that color scale! Light terra colors, such as beige or sand, highlight rust brown, while really dark shades, such as chestnut or chocolate brown, refine it.

Natural large pocket sweater
Red brown cotton canvas slouchy pants
Formal zero waste natural canvas balloon jacket
Sinai earrings

Lavender purple and terracotta together?

Two outstanding pieces of the FORMES collection are the zero waste purple tube dress and the purple French terry T-shirt.Among other things, their special feature is that FORMES amoeba-like prints on a lavender-lilac base are in terracotta color.At first, this color combination may seem unusual, but the Printa track suit and T-shirt showed that it provides real refreshment to the eyes, and the effect is particularly refreshing and unique.

We hope our article provided enough inspiration for you to boldly wear these two bright colors!
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