Which Printa t-shirt suits you?

You recently found out which canvas bag suits you, and now Printa t-shirts take center stage. Our classic-cut t-shirts are made of organic cotton, and the patterns are hand-printed with water-based screen printing in the Printa workshop. Our fully customized pieces are made with patchwork or zero waste tailoring techniques. Let's see which Printa t-shirt fits your personality and lifestyle the best!

Eastern inspiration

Do you love the easy aesthetics of Asian culture? You are not alone: ​​Zita Majoros has been inspired countless times by traditional Japanese painting. The dynamic, brush-stroke patterns echo not only on clothing, but also on home accessories, just as the Breeze brushed women's t-shirt is also an imprint of this fandom.

Comfort above all else

It's not that our other t-shirts aren't comfortable, but there's no doubt that our zero waste t-shirts are the softest of them all. If you like simple, easy-to-use, timeless pieces, choose the zw t-shirt in brown, blue or natural!

Manager of Myself

If your life is too often associated with the multi-armed goddess Kali, then we made the Manager of Myself unisex t-shirt for you. You can find it in white and pink versions, and it's guaranteed to keep your spirits up throughout the day - or at least remind you that nothing can stand in your way.

Girl Gang

The Printa Past - Girl Gang t-shirt celebrates female unity and collective strength. We found the image on which the graphic is based in the Fortepan image archive, where the Hungarian XX. From the moments of the 20th century, we have selected the ones that we like the most, the funniest or the strangest. In our opinion, we decorated these with appropriate texts, which is how the iconic Girl Gang t-shirt was born.

Thank you, no

Are you tired of being picked up on the road? Here's the solution: Printa Past - Thank you, not a T-shirt makes sure that nobody bores you with your questions. This t-shirt - just like the first one - is part of the Printa Past collection, the photo came from the Fortepan archive, and the source with the name and date was marked on the back of the t-shirt.


If "out of the box" thinking and inexhaustible creativity are your thing, then we recommend the UNIQUE recycled light blue blouse. Wearing this t-shirt, you can be sure that he will never confront you on the street. We make them from recycled blue shirts, so each piece is completely unique.

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