Pants Printa outfits for spring time

Nadrágos Printa outfitek a tavaszi időre

The real spring has finally arrived, when, in addition to the first warming rays of the sun and the chirping of birds, it is enough to put on a thin jacket before going out the door. For the pleasure of this, we prepared another outfit article, in which trousers are the protagonists this time.

Careless elegance

The Printa zero waste asymmetric shirt in itself is the embodiment of careless elegance, which we crowned with loose, fluent patterned slouchy pants. The patterned, wooden earrings reflect on the pants, and the rope belt makes the overall look even lighter. Dressing elegantly has never been so comfortable!

Fluent pattern natural linen slouchy women's pants

ZW black asymmetric shirt

Black rope belt

Regular canvas bag

Straight wooden earrings

Spring greeting

Two fresh color spots of the SS22 Sentience collection are pink and creamy pistachio. What could be more clear than to greet spring with bright colors? You only need to get 1-2 of these pieces, which you certainly can't shoot next to when paired with neutrals. They are guaranteed to brighten up your wardrobe, as well as your mood!

Natural organic cotton overshirt jacket

Floral shopper

Gray tencel top

Green slouchy pants

Sinai earrings

Natural rope belt

A precursor to vacation

Are you already counting the days until vacation? We sympathize with you, so we put together an outfit inspired by easy walks by the water. The trousers are made of Bouqle material, which gives them a particularly refined effect and makes them perfect for warmer days. The navy Balaton t-shirt and the vibrant blue Balaton bag make a pleasant pair.

Balaton jute shopper

Blue women's t-shirt with Balaton pattern

White women's pants

Round wooden earrings with doodle pattern

Wide macramé hemp belt

Get active!

The best way to survive spring fatigue is to simply go for exercise, and in good weather there is also room for outdoor exercise. This outfit was created for these occasions: casual, straight-leg pants, a comfortable, white T-shirt, a loose tie belt and a necklace with a pendant, which subtly brightens the overall look, and the new jute shopper with a strap makes carrying the mattress smooth.

Straight leg black canvas women's trousers

Manager of myself unisex white t-shirt

Hemp rope belt

BP channel cover necklace

Jute shopper with black strap

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