Pistachio and pink - how do you combine it?

Pisztácia és rózsaszín – mivel kombináld?

Spring is the season of freshness, renewal and endless possibilities - at this time everything is so easy, instinctive, cheerful and exciting - also in fashion. Tired winter colors give way to fresh spring shades, such as pistachio or pink. You can combine the new tones of our Sentience collection to create a harmonious spring capsule wardrobe - we'll show you how!

The pistachio

Not as vibrant as lime and not as deep as olive. Pistachio is a soft, muted shade of green, which is a mixture of sage, honeydew, warm mint and light moss. It is a sophisticated and modern alternative to its expressive predecessors - it simultaneously suggests calmness, timelessness, as well as liveliness and activity. Let's see what you combine it with!

Pistachio + burgundy and brown

Pistachio mixed with brown or burgundy gives your appearance a natural effect. The restrained earth colors emphasize the freshness of the pistachio, thus creating a perfect harmony.

V-neck sweater with burgundy rubber sleeves

Pistachio + black and white

If you are a fan of clean, minimalist colors and you mainly wear white or black clothes, step out of your comfort zone this spring! Add a little pistachio to your wardrobe, which will spice up the tried-and-true pairing of black and white!

Fluent pattern natural linen slouchy women's pants

Pistachio + beige and natural shades

There are those who consider natural and beige shades to be conservative, but in fact, in addition to being elegant and sophisticated, they can be stylishly and flexibly mixed with most tones of the color scale. So, of course, with the gentle, warm pistachio.

Green folium top

Natural organic cotton elastic trousers

The pink one

Pink is one of the most popular colors of spring, symbolizing, among other things, female intuition, empathy, unconditional love, and balance. Its shades have different meanings; the stronger, more vivid shades symbolize, among other things, self-confidence, the paler ones radiate kindness and calmness. We show you what you should mix it with!

Pink + white

White represents purity, sophistication, the victory of the soul over matter, and is also an expression of peace and goodwill. A neutral color that goes with almost everything. If you mix it with pink, you can achieve a sophisticated, feminine, yet fresh, energetic effect.

Pink kimono

Pink + natural and beige shades

Pink can also be creatively mixed with natural and beige shades. If you like neutral colors, but want to make your appearance a little more "alive", add a little pink - believe me, you will love the end result.

Sand voile printed scarf

Pink + pistachio together?

You can't go wrong by combining these two colors, as long as charming, clean, yet spectacular and expressive looks are close to you. Kimono, trousers, top - in whatever form these two shades meet, they complement each other very well.

Green slouchy pants

Pink long-sleeved women's top

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