Printa slouchy pants for all occasions

Printa slouchy nadrág minden alkalomra

Available in seven colors, the slouchy pants have almost become an iconic Printa piece. We love it, and you love it too, because it looks good on anyone regardless of shape, is super comfortable, casually stylish and can be worn for any occasion without any exaggeration. In order to show you this, we wrote 5 different situations, and we put together print sets for the imagined situations.

POV: You're getting ready for a date: they went for a walk in the Buda Castle District, and maybe even sat down for a coffee. Given the occasion, it is important that your outfit is comfortable, but still gives some insight into your personality.

The look: For such occasions, navy and beige are always popular. A restrained, yet not so everyday color combo that suggests a pleasant determination. We broke up the set with a flower-patterned scarf and a vase-patterned tote bag, while the belt and tiny earrings are responsible for the delicate details.

Slouchy women's pants in natural cotton canvas

ZW blue French terry T-shirt

ZW natural linen balloon jacket

Large vase-patterned canvas bag with a natural strap

Knotted black women's leather belt

Medium amoeba wood earrings with doodle pattern

Dark blue floral scarf

POV: Oh, you fell asleep! You have to rush, there's no time to think about outfits, but you don't want to drag it down even with a random outfit. It must be compatible for running after the bus, and the extra comfortable mood-enhancing pieces cannot be left out either.

The look: The long blue cardigan cares and covers up, and the "Köszi nem" t-shirt ensures that no one gets up during the day. The large face print canvas bag is huge and durable, so you just have to throw your stuff in and you've already brought in the backlog.

Black cotton slouchy women's pants

Printa Past - Thank you, not black and white t-shirt

Long blue knitted cardigan

Large face pattern canvas bag with black strap

Hemp rope belt

Leaf manhole cover necklace

POV: You're going into town by bike today, and you're going to have a busy day running around. Comfort is the number one consideration, but you also want to look good if you're certain that you won't just run into the postman today.

The look: The striking color of the red slouchy pants provides the basis of the set - and stands out in traffic - and the patchwork overshirt makes it playful. The UNIQUE belt bag leaves your hands free, but it is large enough to fit even a small water bottle. And the Manager of myself t-shirt ensures all-day motivation.

Red cotton slouchy women's pants

Manager of myself unisex white t-shirt

UNIQUE recycled denim overshirt

UNIQUE recycled variable brown leather crossbody/belt bag

Natural rope belt

POV: It's Sunday morning, the sun is shining brightly. You wanted to go for a walk in the first rays of the spring sun, and you would even miss the market.

The look: The gray tencel top and the organic cotton overshirt jacket are so soft that they are equivalent to a self-care pull. The ashy purple slouchy pants welcome spring, as do the flower-patterned shopper, in which you can hide your bargain finds all the way home. And you can complete the i with an interesting earring.

Slouchy women's pants in ash purple cotton canvas

Natural organic cotton overshirt jacket

Gray tencel top

Floral shopper

Sinai earrings

POV: You prepared for a home office, but you still have to go to the office. You don't mind, but you will miss the warmth of home.

The look: Warming for the street? Smooth. A heater for the office? Why not? The secret lies only in the fact that the trousers must be in perfect condition and have a perfect cut, and the rest of your outfit must be refined. That is why we chose the zw organic cotton vest, which is actually the perfect complementary pair of the organic cotton slouchy pants. Wearing warmers in a monochrome ensemble is always tasteful, and the wooden bag with many pockets keeps all your work essentials organized.

Natural organic cotton rubber slouchy women's pants

ZW natural organic cotton vest

Canvas bag with many pockets

Straight wooden earrings

Leather card holder

Black buildings booklet

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