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Although we deal with clothing design and production, we consider it important to emphasize the design of a conscious wardrobe.That is why we are linking this article to the secondhand september project, which can be deduced from its name as to what motivates it.

The idea comes from the British organization Oxfam, whose latest project has already "infected" the world.The goal is basically to reduce fast fashion products, as there is an awful lot of unnecessary clothes, which they can't do anything with, and for lack of a better option, they burn them.

On the other hand, the lifespan of things bought in a rummage shop will increase if you wear them for a few more years.It is important that your tired clothes don't end up in the trash either, donate them to those in need, or try to sell them yourself.

But rummaging isn't the only way to get used clothes.We have collected some tips on how to make your wardrobe green and stylish with used clothes.

Vintage store instead of Turi - both sell used clothes, but it doesn't matter what.While in thrift stores you can find clothes from 1 to 5 years old, in vintage shops you can also find clothes from 20 to 30... 50 years old.The difference is the quality.While from the 2000s, clothes are increasingly made from petroleum derivatives, in the past, better quality and more durable garments were produced, but this is not the only reason.Fashion works strangely, it's very fast-paced, on a 2-3-year-old piece, if it's not very minimal and clean, you can already see that it's not fashionable.However, a vintage piece, on the other hand, is "outside", and combined with 1-2 newer pieces, it can look very fresh and unique.Our favorites are Vintage Humana and the neighboring Ludovika vintage shops.

One of Zita's favorite pieces, the balloon jacket, was found in her father's closet

Family wardrobes - In order to enjoy wearing a piece of clothing, we must love it and be attached to it.And what could form a greater bond than the fact that our parents also wore it? Peek into those sealed boxes and suitcases, you may find treasures.We tend to forget that our parents were once young and cool, and there are still traces of that somewhere, we ask them to account for these :)

Online marketplaces - Online tourism is a really convenient way to shop, especially during quarantine, enter the online used clothing marketplaces and look around.Fortunately, better and better photos are being taken of the items for sale, which also makes online shopping easier.

pictured is our green trapeze dress made from recycled shirts

Upcycled pieces - not only us, but more and more brands recycle used clothes, textiles and leather.This also has the same purpose as turin - to extend the life of a textile piece that has already been manufactured.What we add is a fresh form and design that makes the used material more valuable.

    Style tip:

    Never make a complete outfit out of used clothes and accessories! At least one item should be new (like new), thereby strengthening your conscious appearance - that you are wearing those used/vintage/old items for a reason and not because you are a time traveler.

    On the left, Zita combined her vintage gray skirt (Vintage Humana) made of recycled cotton yarn with a knitted sweater (Printa), and on the right the vintage white jeans with a striped top from recycled men's shirts (Printa) and a used crochet bag.

    And don't forget that we also accept used clothes at Printa (but it doesn't matter what) - we are very happy with men's shirts, jeans and used, even torn/damaged leather jackets.You can drop them off at our place.

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