Work collection for working women

Printa's new collection responds to the complex relationship between women and work. In the 21st century, women's work roles have changed, and despite all the difficulties, it seems that the age of women has finally arrived. Our collection is for those who are passionate about their work, but it's not the only area where they excel in life, regardless of whether the challenge is raising children or completing a marathon.


WORK collection pays tribute to the myth of the working woman created in the 1950s with strong linen multi-pocket "workwear" pieces. In contrast to this, our comfortable plush and knitted "work" pieces provide an alternative for those whose profession allows them to spend their days in comfortable sets. The pieces are timeless, can be easily combined and are ideal as additional pieces for greening and greening a wardrobe.

In addition to the usual recycled materials, our eco-conscious, slow fashion pieces are made in limited numbers in our Budapest studio from only natural, Oekotex or GOTS certified materials, screened with water-based plastic-free paints, following zero waste tailoring guidelines.

The image photos of the collection were taken by Anett Pósalaki, the concept is written by the designer herself, Zita Majoros. The products are available in the Printa store (1075 Budapest, Rumbach Sebestyén u. 10).

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