Balaton BEACH collection

The latest Printa collection is made for summer and beach lovers, as the product range is full of pieces ideal for the beach. You can get to know the Balaton-inspired STRAND collection more closely through a short interview we made with the designer, Zita Majoros!

Where did your love for Lake Balaton start?

Anyone who knows me knows that I was not born in Hungary, and while Budapest has always been an attractive and magical city for me, I grew up not knowing Lake Balaton. We spent our summers on the Adriatic, staying with various relatives or camping. I only knew Lake Balaton from fairy tales: 45 years ago, my parents spent their honeymoon in Siófok, where my mother drank alcohol and got drunk for the first time and also for the last time. :)

Then we got a holiday home in Balaton and I kind of fell in love with it... Balaton is good as it is, it shouldn't and shouldn't be compared to the sea. The more time I spend here, the more I get to know it and the more I travel around, the more it captivates me.

Then you drew inspiration from them for the STRAND collection... 

Yes, this is how the inspiration came for the now 3-year-old Balaton collection and the new STRAND collection... I spent a lot of time, maybe too much, on the shores of Lake Balaton reading, playing cards, pedaling and playing ball with my children.

The basis of the collection is the "Balaton" pattern, which consists of organic, almost abstract elements, but if you look deeper, you will recognize fish, water, sailboats and reeds. 

Please tell me a little about the pieces of the collection! 

The STRAND collection includes different products, but all of them come in handy at the beach, especially if the zero waste approach is not far from us and if we go to the beach with children.

The Furoshiki large cloth is suitable for packing snacks, just like our waxed cloths. With wooden tableware, you can avoid the use of beach plastic tableware, but metal straws can also be useful in this case. Water bottles can be filled on every beach, and our water bottle holder bag comes in handy. And we can put all wet beach toys and wet swimwear in the mesh bag separately, without them getting wet. 

In addition to the classic card, we also really like the memory game, which is extremely simple, but a good game and perfect for the beach - I designed this now with Balatonos elements. It contains a couple of very similar graphics, so that things are not so simple... :) 

Check out the new STRAND collection in our Rumbach Sebestyén utca store or on the webshop!

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