Take these with you when you go to the beach!

Lake Balaton is one of Printa's main muses, which is why we have dedicated an entire permanent collection to it, which includes everything from clothing to home furnishings to unexpected accessories. If it's Balaton, then of course the days spent on the beach are our favourites, so in today's blog post we have collected the must-have accessories that come in handy for every visit to the waterside.

First of all, you'll need a large duffel bag that fits everything comfortably and is also durable. We have created the large-letter STRAND BALATON PATTERN SHOPPERT, which is made of jute-cotton material, so it doesn't matter if it accidentally gets wet, because it dries quickly. However, we consider the most useful feature of the bag to be the straps, which allow you to carry other items - such as towels - outside the bag.

Speaking of towels, bring the BALATON LABELED WAFFLE DRAPP TOWEL or the BALATON LABELED DARK BLUE LINEN PLANTE. The former is famous for its ability to absorb moisture, while the latter is famous for its softness, but both materials are very light and ideal for the beach.

We could admire the beauty of Lake Balaton forever, but it doesn't hurt to have an interesting book or game to pass the time. If you're bored with UNO, try BALATON MEMORY GAME! A big advantage is that it can be played together with the little ones, and to tell the truth, sometimes an easy game is better for adults too.

Always take a few snacks with you in case you get hungry! We prefer to pack in food barrels, but even more preferably in beeswax cloths to save space. Brushed and Balaton patterned versions are also available with us as a zero waste alternative to single-use plastic or aluminum foil.

The importance of using sunscreen - not only at the beach - cannot be overemphasized, but what many people still forget: protection against sunburn. You can also use a scarf, cap or hat for this purpose. The Balaton pattern fishing cap was born for exactly this reason, and the dog pattern Black Dog Club fishing cap is available for the little ones.

Would you add something else to the list? Choose from the entire Balaton collection!

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