I came across the work of MyForest community forests Foundation more than half a year ago, and I have been following them ever since. When community afforestation was announced for November, I decided that liking and sharing wasn't enough, let's go afforestation as a family.

MyForest community forests is an initiative that aims to create a platform first in Hungary and then internationally in order to double the number of forests on earth.

The idea came from the fact that they definitely want to do something against global warming, and as a citizen, planting trees is the most obvious solution.

The number of forests on earth must be doubled because one of the most important reasons for global warming is that two-thirds of the forests have disappeared from the Earth - since the beginning of industrial civilization. At the same time, the remaining one-third of forests are no longer able to absorb the amount of CO2 emitted by human activity. This process leads to global warming and the destruction of human civilization.

For this, MyForest acts as a connecting platform and connects
- climate-concerned citizens who want to contribute to the great common goal by planting trees, - companies that are are involved in the planting of forests,
- landowners who contribute to the project by donating their land, i.e. they give their land for afforestation, as well as
- companies that want to plant trees for their customers.

The Kisharaszt area, where we came to afforest, is an empty area offered by a private person, in the vicinity of Hatvan. Here, the primary purpose of afforestation is to break up agricultural land a bit with green tree islands to support biodiversity. While we were planting, 14 roe deer were peacefully lounging and watching on the other side of the road, 100 meters from us. It will be a great hiding place for them one day. The purpose of the afforestation was replacement planting, after the spring afforestation. Well, unfortunately, the replanting almost turned into a completely new planting, because the woodpeckers chewed up all the oak seedlings planted in the spring (but not the weeds for some reason, the little rascals). So we started planting. The four of us worked for 4 hours, a lot of seedlings were planted. In the end, we worked hard, but we were also tired. At the same time, it was a positive fatigue, when you feel you have done something good and meaningful. And I'm very glad that my children participated in it. In the meantime, we had a good conversation and learned a lot from the forester in charge of planting, Ferenc Bartucz.

Then I thought, it's great to help their work in this way, but let's face it, me, my husband and 2 children are probably not the most valuable help they can get :)), so we definitely want to support their work with a monetary donation . That's why I linked their financial support with my organic cotton hoodies from Forest, so from the price of each hoodie, we support 1 seedling planting.

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Myforest planted the first seeds-seedlings last fall, and so far they have planted about 3.5 hectares, which corresponds to 35,000 seedlings. Tree species suitable for the given landscape and land quality are planted everywhere.

Support their work too!

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