Yoga at home: how to get started?

Most people have liked practicing yoga at home during curfews, but you may just be toying with the idea and don't know how to get started. We will give you the necessary boost: in our latest blog post, we have gathered all the important information so that you can get the most out of your home exercises.

Why do you do yoga at home?

I strongly recommend that all beginners start on this path, even if only for a few months, but offline, in a yoga studio. It is important to get to know the basics with a professional and then master them, so you can avoid, among other things, learning asanas incorrectly, and the risk of injury is also reduced.

Just like going to the studio, practicing at home has countless advantages. After enough practice, you may be able to tune into yourself more effectively at home, alone, and deepen your practice, not only physically, but also mentally. Be patient with yourself! For example, the first time came after a year of practice when, after a meaningful yoga class, I honestly felt that it recharged me more than an eight-hour sleep. You will start to feel the positive effects after just a few practices and you will love it! :)

Set the mood!

If you've done yoga in a studio several times, you're sure to be familiar with the feeling when you enter the room, and everything is already calmer! Well, you should try to achieve this at home too!

1. THE SPOT - Find a place in your home the size of a mattress where you can comfortably stretch out your arms in all directions! You don't have to pay attention to what you might get into, if you have to, rearrange your environment for the duration of the class! It can even be a small corner in your home, the main thing is to feel good! It is best if you designate a dedicated yoga spot and practice there every time: this way, over time, you will get into the spirit much faster and easier, since your body will automatically know what awaits it from the familiar environment and situation.

2. THE MOOD - Your surroundings should be clean and quiet! If for some reason you don't have the opportunity to do yoga in silence, then put on your favorite album as background noise - you can do it anyway, if it's easier to tune in - or listen to the class with wireless headphones! Before class, ventilate thoroughly, and in good weather you can leave the windows open! You can also use scented candles, incense or essential oils if you are not sensitive to them.

3. SELFCHECK - Before every class, do a fine self-examination inside and out! Notice how you feel mentally, where in your body you feel freer or stiffer - don't judge, just make yourself aware! Do yoga in a set in which you feel most comfortable and which does not hinder your free movement! Take care not only of your environment, but also of your own hygiene, if you have time, even take a quick shower before - this will make it easier to relax! Get rid of all distracting - and accident-prone - jewelry, wear your hairstyle comfortably in a braid, bun or braid - the latter won't disturb you even when lying on your back - and at the beginning of the class, allow yourself a few minutes in silence, sitting on your mattress, to arrive! Don't forget to prepare everything you need: water if you're thirsty, an extra hoodie if you're cold, a blanket for relaxation, your yoga accessories (e.g. bricks, pillows) if you use such things, and a couple of tissues will also come in handy.

Take care of yourself!

The most important thing is to choose a class with an intensity and style that matches your current mood and physical condition! You might not think so at first, but it's very easy to get injured during a yoga class, even with the simplest exercises - it can even be enough to get out of a certain asana for just a few seconds. Unless you are an experienced practitioner, leave pushing your limits to the gym, and at home choose a class that matches your fitness level or is easier! This also applies during class: if you come across an asana that you don't fully understand from the video, don't succeed or don't like for some reason, don't force it and don't get bitter: skip it, maybe do some breathing exercises in the meantime, and ask an instructor about it later!


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