Christmas gift ideas for women - Printa gift guide

Quality time spent together is the most valuable gift we can give and receive, but everyone longs for the joy of giving gifts, which is why we have created a list of gift ideas in Printa style.We have collected these mostly for women, but there are plenty of ideal gifts for men as well.We'll be publishing our ideas for kids and men next week, but in the meantime, keep reading for the women's version!

1.Shape-breaking jewelry

Jewelry is considered a classic gift, but Printa's shape-shifting earrings are by no means ordinary.Their silhouette is surprising, but their style is clean, so anyone can find the desired piece from the collection.If you're looking for a necklace, you may have already found it, because the two types of Printa channel cover necklace are really creative, yet absolutely wearable pieces.

2.Warmth for cool days

Everyone loves comfortable, fluffy clothes, so it's almost impossible to go wrong with such a gift.At Printa, we always pay special attention to the selection of materials to ensure they are comfortable to wear and long-lasting, so whichever piece you choose, you will not be disappointed.The winter collection is full of knitted pieces that will keep you warm even in the most unfriendly weather.

Bio cotton sweatshirt
Edan earrings
Black rope belt
Ziga Renata black cup
Floral shopper

3.Eco-friendly decoration

Dressing up our environment in a festive way is considered a tradition for most of us this season, but let's also think about our planet when decorating our home! The Printa Christmas collection consists exclusively of handmade, degradable pieces.If you give such a decoration as a gift, you are not only thinking of your loved one, but also of our Earth.

4.Hungarian design

Give a Hungarian design product! Renáta Zsiga designed and executed her latest limited ceramic collection exclusively for Printa, we simply cannot help but admire her work.The collection is characterized by multifunctionality and light aesthetics, which means that we get more than just visual pleasure, since the individual pieces were created for everyday life.

Beige long knitted cardigan
Knitted hat
ZW natural organic cotton vest
Multi-pocket wooden bag
Large Christmas tree standing ornament made of wood

5.A practical companion for everyday life

Everyone needs a large duffel bag, most of us use this accessory almost every day.If you vote for such a gift, your loved one can associate it with a fond memory every time.At Printa, there are many such bags with different prints and solutions, so no matter who the recipient is, you will find something to your liking.

6.An essential accessory for sneaky evenings

One of the beauties of the winter months is cozy cozy evenings, when you can finally stretch out on the sofa with a soft blanket, a hot drink and your favorite book or movie.In this spirit, Printa knitted blankets were created, which are available in four colors and are made of recycled yarn with screen-printed stitching.Give a relaxing accessory as a sign of care!

Zita Majoros Jewish quarter brown large graphic

7.Playful prints

Our popular prints traditionally have a discount at the end of every year: choose two silkscreen prints and we will give you the third one as a gift! The graphics dreamed up by Hungarian artists are one of Printa's trademarks, so there are plenty of them in the store and on the webshop, be they playful, abstract, organic or even humorous.

Black cotton slouchy women's pants
Black and white knitted cardigan
ZW white shirt
Black tencel women's turtleneck
Leaf Manhole Cover Necklace

The last few years have been an ordeal for all of us, so if you don't have the opportunity to give an object as a gift, focus on the programs instead: you can cook and bake together, literary reading and social evenings, winter walks and trips! These were just a few examples out of many, feel free to let your imagination run wild!

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