7 accessories that belong in every home

7 kiegészítő, aminek minden otthonban helye van

Designing a livable home is not as easy in practice as we imagine - this is even more certain after the curfew restrictions. Designing our home is a lifelong game - or rather a task for many - as our personality and lifestyle are constantly evolving. One of the most banal but useful pieces of advice we've ever heard: let your home be for you, not the other way around! Of course, this has to be done, keeping functionality and our taste in mind. We wanted to make a list as realistic as possible, so we asked the Printa team what accessories they couldn't imagine everyday life without.


The time devoted to organization is never wasted, it will pay off many times over later. That's why a toilet is good for everyone, regardless of gender and age: it can fit bathroom accessories, cosmetics, and even children's Lego pieces. Choose Vintage Pest , with a brush stroke or floral design!


Comfort and decoration in one! With a patterned pillow, you not only add color to the atmosphere of your environment, but also to the time you spend recharging yourself. We boldly claim that we have a cushion cover for every interior , choose as you like!


The golden rule of cozy evenings is that there is no sofa without a blanket, just as there is no reading without your favorite drink. You can find the Printa knitted blanket in beige, brown, black, white and dark blue. We make it for you by hand from recycled yarn, with screen-printed topstitching. Feel free to take it with you on a trip!


Who doesn't want to come home to a fresh-smelling home? The Printa zero waste air freshener spray was named Long Walk for a reason: the organic essential oil mixture conjures up a complete pine forest in your home, just as refreshing and calming as a long walk. You no longer have to worry about the harmful effects of air fresheners, Long Walk is 100% natural, and we will replace the bottle and give you a 20% discount on the next piece.


We usually only look at the kitchen in search of functionality, but why not spice up this room with a detail? The most obvious way to do this is with a tea towel, as it is a basic item in every household. Vintage Pest , Black Buildings and Budapest Bridges can also be found with screen printing on the webshop and in the store.


This is the accessory that you really use every day, and maybe even become emotionally attached to it over time. We simply can't get enough of Renáta Zsiga's cups, which turn every morning into an idyllic routine with their clean aesthetics. Look for it in black , red or beige !


If you haven't used a mortar and pestle before, now is the time to get one! Food processors can destroy the cell walls of herbs, which gives a bitter taste, but with a mortar, you get a natural, aromatic flavor quickly and efficiently. Printa mortars are made of walnut wood, under the precise hands of Tamás Gombási.

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