7 rustic accessories that fit into any home

7 rusztikus kiegészítő, ami bármely otthonba beleillik

The new Neo Cottage home collection is inspired by the inviting tranquility of country life, slowing down and craftsmanship, so it is full of rustic home accessories. It is a wrong assumption that such decorations only find their place in the same interior: most pieces fit into any environment, giving off a natural, peaceful atmosphere. What is certain is certain, we have now selected 7 rustic accessories that are guaranteed to take their place in any style of room.

Colorful fruit bowl

The wooden trough, available in a limited number, arrived as one of the key pieces of the Neo Cottage collection. A real authentic accessory that can be placed on the dining table or kitchen counter full of fresh fruits or vegetables. Such an accessory creates a joyful and homely atmosphere.

The rebirth of a beer bottle

No, this is not the title of the latest contemporary bestseller, but the new Printa home accessory. The handmade brown glass containers are made from non-returnable beer bottles and are closed with corks. Teas, spices or even olive oil can be stored in them in an aesthetic and special way, they look good anywhere.

Lavender field in your home

The lavender bag with the Journey pattern exudes a delicate, soothing scent. It can be placed anywhere in the apartment, stored in the wardrobe, it keeps your wardrobe fresh and even repels moths. Placing it next to your bed makes it easier to fall asleep, but it can even improve the quality of your sleep. And if you hang it at the entrance, you can always come home to a pleasant smell.

Oak wood in the kitchen

A good quality cutting board is essential in every kitchen. In any case, it is worth choosing a wooden material, because it does not damage the knives, it is more hygienic and antibacterial. Our cutting boards are made from 100-year-old felled oak under the skillful hands of Ernő Adorján. The raw material of the boards was the broken wooden beams of Swabian houses, hence their dark color. Handmade product, no two pieces are alike.


À Table!

The time of disposable napkins is over. With textile napkins, even the table setting is more sophisticated, their use is also more pleasant and, of course, an environmentally friendly solution. The journey pattern white vintage napkin is made of linen, and the BARE napkin is made of linen. These are durable, easy-to-clean, natural and quick-drying materials.

Organize like your grandparents!

The BARE wall storage can fill you with nostalgic feelings, perhaps this is how your parents or grandparents stored kitchen utensils. It's a stylish and space-saving way of storage, and it's also as practical as possible: it's transparent, and you'll have all the necessary tools at your fingertips during cooking.

A staple in the kitchen

The BARE linen apron looks good anywhere and on anyone with its natural, clean style. It's long enough to serve its function, and it's even got a cross-over shoulder strap and two jute-cotton pockets. It is made of linen, which is a high-strength, quick-drying fabric with minimal stretch. Must-have!

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