Arbonica dry flower bouquets in Printa

At Printa, you too could admire the eye-catching dried flowers of Arbonika, as we love to decorate the store with them.You can no longer find them only as decorative elements; you can also buy Arbonika dry flower bouquets - exclusively in our physical store on Rumbach Sebestyén Street.Speaking of which, we thought it would be interesting to learn a little more about the history of Arbonika, the philosophy behind it, and the product range itself.Read on for our short but all the more interesting interview with Adrien Jóssa-Pál!

Please tell me a little about how you started Arbonica!

With childlike enthusiasm.I think, I already started this in spirit, when I saw the drying herbs hanging on the wooden beams in my aunt's garden when I was a few years old.I found the whole process, the smells and the textures so magical.It was an imprint, that I forgot in the meantime, but it was moving and taking shape in my subconscious.

By the way, I am a freelance dancer, and dancing is specifically something, in which the journey is the goal.I enjoy every moment of it, but there is no tangible result.For me, visually beautiful things are very fulfilling, when I look at them.I love the colors, the shapes, the use of space, the movement of an object, building, nature.It came to me that I wanted to release my art from myself, pour it into a visible form for myself, hold it in my hands.

Flowers and dance came together, when I sat under the same beams in my free time given by the pandemic, it was summer and the sheep clouds floated above my head, I smelled the same smells as when I was a child and that I thought: you're done, the flowers will be my dances.

I am grateful to have support, I would never have started without my girlfriend Kinga and my husband Bence.

What can be known about dry flowers? For me, it is a very natural and environmentally friendly decoration, the best thing about it, is that it is durable and easy to compost at the end of its life cycle, but I know little about itnis it a treated product and hownis it local, or where does it come from?

Very exciting question! Really beautiful and natural decoration, and the idea of ​​composting is a very good direction.By the way, we at Arbonika also try to follow the zero waste line with our packaging, we get our boxes and bubble wrap from local small businesses.For example, what we pack our vases in, is provided by the neighboring convenience store, and they get the syrup in it.

When it comes to flowers, we stand on many feet. In normal operation, the life process of a dried flower starts in the flower fields, it is harvested and dried, it goes to the producers, and then to the market.And in between, they go through more and more changing processes.There are plants, that are untreated, only dried - we have lavender, for example - there are plants that require preservation.Many of them are painted and there are many different "industrial" ways of painting.
We, try to buy what we buy from local original producers.We imagine a lot of colors, which unfortunately we don't have here, then we paint our plants, for example with food coloring.We have many flowers, that do not grow here, we do not get them from home, but from abroad.Furthermore, on special occasions at Arbonik you can find some flowers, that come straight from my aunt's or my mother's garden to the webshop.

At Arbonika, dry flowers are not the only theme, you also have your own products and vintage treasures, but we still see a beautiful unity.What are your further plans, how will the palette be expanded?

The range of products is united by the emotional world behind it.It has a little playful character in an elegant setting.It can be inserted into a fairytale world, which is the cottage core of Provence, Mediterranean glamor combined with a childlike Wes Anderson color scheme that returns here and there.Vintage Kincsek was the most exciting and, for me, the most unique presentation of flowers, and they gradually became part of our repertoire.I think, that can be placed in this world and guided by inner inspirations, may appear on the webshop, but at the moment I cannot say, that it will definitely arrive soon.Although I've been toying with the idea of ​​flower-petal bath balls for a while, I've only made them for myself so far.But who knows?

Arbonica can find it on Instagram under the name decor!

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