Wood care kisokos - Why choose wooden tools for your kitchen and how to care for them?

The Printa home department has been colored by various wooden accessories for many years. There are two reasons for this: we love rustic, natural design and we are always looking for sustainable solutions. In addition to these, we try to support Hungarian artists, which is why the wooden accessories and tools are without exception the creations of talented craftsmen. The home collection has been expanded again with a group of wooden novelties, so we thought it was about time to make a wood care kit for you.


  1. Hygienic - It is more difficult for bacteria to settle on wooden tools and their structure, and they even have some antibacterial effect. They are also gentle on knives, ceramic pots and pans, because they do not damage their surface - thereby increasing their service life.

  1. Durable - A quality wooden tool lasts for many years, a lifetime or, in extreme cases, generations. It is advisable to apply the care rules listed below to preserve their beauty.

  1. Environmentally friendly - We wouldn't exaggerate this: the wood material breaks down easily, so if you do have to get rid of some tool, you will put less of a burden on the environment than if it were, for example, made of plastic.

  1. Aesthetic - Last but not least: wooden tools look good in any style of home, smuggling a little nature into the four walls. A close examination of the additional texture of a tree is almost equivalent to a meditation exercise: a miracle of nature, no two are alike.


In order for your wooden accessories to retain their beauty and quality for a long time, you should follow these few tips!

  1. Do not soak, do not put in the dishwasher!

If wooden tools are standing in water, it can deform them and bacteria can easily settle in them. And in the dishwasher, the washing-up liquid soaks into the structure of the wood, which is then not very lucky to get into our body during meals.

  1. Hydrate!

You can do this with beeswax or even more simply with olive oil: apply it to the surface, then leave it on for a few hours, and finally wash the device!

  1. What about scratches?

If damage occurs on the wooden surface - for example, scratches from a knife on a cutting board - you can easily treat this with sandpaper at intervals.

  1. Deodorization, how?

Rubbing it with lemon juice or ginger removes the onion smell and everything else that the wooden tool may have absorbed during use.

Of course, wooden objects should not only be used in the kitchen, the pro arguments related to the material are just as valid for a child's wooden spinner or wooden comb as for a wooden mortar. We have collected all the wooden Printa products in one place: choose your favorite by clicking here, and for the entire range, visit our store on Rumbach Sebestyén Street!

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