How to easily update your home in the spring?

Hogyan frissítsd fel egyszerűen az otthonod tavasszal?

After the grayness of winter, not only ourselves, but also our environment needs renewal. Cleaning, organizing and sorting do not happen by chance: the changes of the season have a motivating force. However, spring fatigue and busy weekdays can get in the way of our plans, which is why we have collected the ideas with which you can quickly shake up your home almost without effort.


If you want to brighten up your surroundings easily and spectacularly, the easiest way to do it, regardless of the season, is to get a fresh bouquet of flowers. This is even more relevant in spring, because it reflects the reviving nature outside. Along with the flowers, get an interesting vase , so that if the bouquet gives in, the vase will decorate your home on its own!

Geometric wooden frame

Beige polka dot vase

Elongated painted vase

A thin floor vase


Have you ever thought of putting flowers in unusual places, not just in a traditional vase? Feel free to experiment with them, because they can look surprisingly good! On the occasion of Easter, Zita decorated the BARE wall storage with colorful flowers. If you want a longer-lasting solution, use dried flowers !


The time has come for the spring wardrobe update, when your wardrobe can finally breathe - and you, too, on those rushed mornings. Crown your new wardrobe with a journey pattern lavender bag , which not only keeps your clothes and wardrobe fresh, but also repels moths. You can even place it in several places in your home to receive a fresh scent everywhere.


We have a cushion cover for every interior, and we have proven this in a previous article . A new pillowcase only requires a little effort, yet the change will seem enormous in your living room or bedroom, but the little ones will surely be happy to have a new soft accessory in their room. Choose from all the Printa pillowcases , you will surely find the right one for your environment!

Balaton pattern pillowcase


Gallery walls have been unfailingly popular for many years, and not by chance: they easily and quickly add a spectacular detail to any interior, from the kitchen to the bedroom to the bathroom. Do you have no practice in putting them together? No problem, we have a whole collection of gallery walls, which you can find here , and by clicking on the pictures you can find the whole set on the webshop.

Anett Hajdú, Marcell Puskás gallery wall


The long-awaited weather has finally arrived, when we can leave the windows open for longer and longer periods of time, and our whole home can bathe in freshness. In addition, it is useful to have a quick solution at hand: the zero waste air freshener spray evokes walks in the pine forest with the power of organic essential oils. If you've used it, bring the bottle back and we'll give you a 20% discount on your next air freshener!

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