How to make a decorative dried flower bouquet? - Tips from Zita Majoros

Hogyan készíts dekoratív szárazvirág csokrot? - Majoros Zita tippjei

The superpower of flower bouquets is to brighten the mood of any room in the blink of an eye. Made from dried flowers, you can enjoy the sight for much longer, and they don't need water to change, and you don't have to update the stems by cutting them. Of course, we love them so much not primarily because of their easy handling, but because of their fragile aesthetics, the Printa store is often decorated with a bouquet or two. You can also take home finished compositions, but if you have time and you even feel like doing it, then give it a chance, because it is an endlessly meditative and fun process!

It's no secret that Zita Majoros, the designer at Printa, is passionate about dried flowers, so we asked her to make three bouquets and share her tips with us. Although he claims to be an amateur in the field, after seeing his bouquet, we strongly doubt this claim.

Where do you get dried flowers?

"Some of the dried flowers shown in the pictures were picked in Felsőörs during the summer, and the rest I got at the flower market and from Arbonika . During walks - of course more in spring and summer - it is always worth walking with your eyes open, because you can find beautiful plants that you can then dry at home. " - Zita Majoros


The first is a classic, eclectic bouquet, during the preparation of which you have to strive for a pleasant asymmetry on both sides. Feel free to leave some stems longer so that they get more attention and make the overall look more exciting!

Red decor vase


For this composition, Zita was inspired by the rich canopies, the bouquet is sprawling and dense, and immediately catches the eye. The whole is covered almost exclusively by white salt flowers, which creates the optical illusion of a fine layer of snow sitting on it.

Black vase


This bouquet is a combination of two readily available dried flowers, reed and yarrow. In this variation, the essence of the bouquet is given by the different dimensions, so we encourage you to dare to leave some stems unreasonably long and compose an oversized bouquet in a small vase!

Beige polka dot vase

We hope Zita's tips will be useful to you, and we've got you in the mood for tying bouquets!