Pictures on the wall - how to arrange and combine them?

Képek a falon - hogyan rendezzük, kombináljuk őket?

Do you want pictures on the wall but don't really know how to start? Do you post just one or more? If more, in what composition? What goes with what?

In this article, we give advice on different image compositions.

Image series:

The most obvious is to choose from a series , such as our abstract or Balaton prints, which we designed so that they can stand alone, but can be displayed together to create a complex wall design. You can safely combine image sizes here, we show examples of this. For our Lake Balaton or brown organic abstract pictures, we can best imagine our brown wooden frames.

András Baranyai's pictures match each other, but they are very detailed, so don't put more than 2 pictures together in one place. The same applies to any detailed creation.

Choose from our pictures of Balaton
Choose from our Organic Abstract images

If you want to combine several artists/styles

Feel free to mix works made by several artists in several styles, but we recommend combining 2 color images with 2 black and white/minimal images. The colors of the two color images must be consistent, but the sizes may be different. In our examples, you can see how you can combine images of different sizes and styles for an exciting and interesting composition. Black frames are best suited for these images.

Choose from our Abstract Geometry images
Choose from Puskaas Typographies

Black and white pictures

You can never go wrong with black and white image compositions. We can play with shapes, type, negative, the image will always be harmonious due to the lack of colors. Black and white images are best for minimal style furniture.

Gold tone images

Our graphics printed with gold ink have a very special effect. Such a picture can also smuggle glamor and elegance into the apartment. The gold-toned pictures go well with vintage and old-style furniture, they create an additional space and a peaceful atmosphere.

Choose from Budapest pictures
Choose from Golden graphics

At Printa, all images are made using a hand-screened technique, which is much better quality than digital or offset prints. If you would like to order frames for the pictures or would like to request layout advice regarding the selected graphics, write to us at the e-mail address