What do you need for the perfect night out?

If you think that sneaky nights are a fad for lazy people and have no use, then you are very wrong.Even if only for a short time, everyone needs regular self-care.A quality relaxation recharges you both physically and psychologically, so you can avoid everyday overflow.Let's see what accessories you can use to make doing nothing even sweeter!

1.) Immerse yourself in the softest materials!

Choose your favorite home set in which you feel the most comfortable! If you asked us, the perfect relaxing look consists of warm wool socks, a comfy warmer, a silky tencel top and an extra layer cardigan stands.Most of the materials we use are so soft they can be hugged.

Combine the softness around you too! It's a bit like building a bunker in the middle of the room as a kid, think of it as a toy! Whether you plan to relax on the couch or in bed, it doesn't hurt to have one or two - or many - pillows around you.We have a screen-printed cushion cover for every interior, take your pick!

And the blanket is an essential accessory for sneaky nights.For the winter season, we also dreamed up our own version, made of recycled cotton yarn, screen-printed Formes topstitching, in five different colors.

2.) Don't forget about the border!

Now that you've built your own little world, it's time to decorate.Ever since the Danish hygge approach became popular, we know that candles are almost as important as blankets.Their flame has a proven calming effect and quite simply makes your environment cozy.On the webshop you can find scented beeswax candles or canola wax dinners and block candles.All three are environmentally friendly and drip-free.

Don't forget your favorite drink, you can have hot chocolate or a warming tea in your favorite mug, or even a glass of fragrant wine! You can also prepare small bites for yourself, but take the time to carefully serve them as if you were treating someone else with it.

Black tray
Renata Zgiga small decor cup - black, red, beige

3.) What are you reading?

Reading is one of the most relaxing pastimes, but if you feel like you don't have that much capacity left, then movies and series can come.Feel free to bring out your irresponsible favorites too, if you ever feel that this is what is needed.When was the last time you listened to music without doing anything else? Make yourself completely comfortable, close your eyes and listen carefully to your favorites, you will see how different it will be! You can also choose a completely different program: from nail painting to coloring to drawing, anything will do if you can slow down.

+1) Put your thoughts on paper!

We thought that notebooks also have a place on the list, because whatever recreation you choose, it's always useful if you can clear your head.When you spend time with yourself, thoughts can be more fervent, so we advise you to write them out, whatever they are! It doesn't have to be a world-saving idea, no one will look at it.You can even write down how delicious the fruit bowl you made for yourself is, or how cheap the movie you're watching is full of tricks.

Black channel cover booklet

Black buildings booklet

We hope our article will make you want to take care of yourself, and from now on you will also find a place for me time in your calendar!

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