Organic decorations for a meditative interior: the Printa "Faces and vases" ceramic collection is here!

The designer of Printa, Zita Majoros, greets the year 2023 with a limited ceramic collection consisting of organic vases and ceramic faces reminiscent of ancient depictions.

Zita is a lover of ceramic art, so she colors Printa's palette with fresh ceramics from time to time. This time, the collection was given the melodious name Faces and vases, which is not surprising when you hear that this time we can receive objects depicting vases and faces. This is the continuation of a 2020 home collection, when speculative faces and vases made a welcome return from graphics and cushions.

As with the previous, Sanctuary ceramic collection, an ancient dimension appears intentionally: organic shapes, abstract, brushstroke patterns and ceramics that revive ancient images make up the collection. Each piece is unique, hand-stretched, shaped, painted and glazed, and born through a free, instinctive creative process, so the objects have a meditative effect on the viewer. An active rest is created: "Faces and vases" invites you to reflect, while providing an unconsciously soothing experience.

Free brushstrokes also strengthen this effect. These patterns may already be familiar to many, as they are also in line with Printa's current clothing collection, where the patterns were also created intuitively, through light, instinctive movements. As for the colors: black gives objects a contrasting character, while bright yellow brings warmth to the overall picture, and shades of blue connect the two.

We can decorate shelves, small tables and any flat surface with the ceramic faces, or even compose them on the wall. If we definitely want to provide ceramics with a dedicated function, they can also function as jewelry holders or trays for small items.

The function of the vases is given, but without flowers, they can also be used as small sculptures. They look good on their own, but you can even decorate a given space with 2-3 pieces, so the atmosphere of ceramics can be reflected in different, unexpected ways.

The limited "Faces and vases" collection is available on the Printa webshop and in the Rumbach Sebestyén utca store.

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