Private refuge in everyday life: Zita Majoros' Sanctuary ceramic collection has arrived at Printa!

The Printa HOME section has been expanded with a fresh ceramic collection: this time Zita Majoros has poured her personal wayfinding into clean, organic forms, a process that collectively fills the everyday life of all of us.

The designer of Printa, Zita Majoros, was now looking for the answer to the question of what else can be a refuge for us in our rapidly changing postmodern world. In addition to the strong stimuli and negative effects affecting us, we find it more and more difficult to maintain mental balanceand to create the necessary conditions for rest. Zita looked for the answer in the home.

in the interest of as well. The Sanctuary collection helps with this, which consists of clean, multi-layered ceramics that allow us to live through objects, to create this private sanctuary, where we can experience quality recharge. 

But why ceramics? For Zita, not only the home, but also the ceramics themselves are a refuge; the meeting of organic forms and soft structures. Ceramic art itself is a quiet, introspective, meditative work, so not only the finished work, but also the creative process itself is a peaceful activity.

The collection deliberately has an ancient dimension, which is why they have a meditative effect on the viewer. The elements that can be built on top of each other also strengthen this effect, if only the balance of opposites: the soft, moldable material, which eventually solidifies at high temperatures, and the meeting of the unglazed, grainy, light clay with the black pieces. This latter contrast is reminiscent of Asian culture, more precisely the symbol of yin-yang, which is a symbol of opposing yet complementary forces. 

One of the key pieces of the collection is an ikebana vase - also rooted in Japanese culture - which is organic, with a belt shape It brings an interesting detail to any interior, it stands out decoratively and excitingly even without plants. Dedicated functions can be attached to pieces of the collection such as the candle holder or jewelry holder sets, but they can also be used as small sculptures. Another outstanding piece are the three different ceramic masks that can be hung on the wall, and the mentioned ancient dimension and our journey of self-knowledge are strongly displayed in them. 


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