Interview with Anna Szabó, creator of the SELF-LOVE graphics collection

At Printa, we are celebrating self-care this Valentine's Day! We tend to forget about this part of love, so Valentine's Day is a perfect holiday to remind ourselves of its importance. Of course, what it means to love and fill yourself up depends on the individual, and it takes time to experience this as well. Five female artists in Mentálhigène. As part of the opening of the Printa exhibition, she already presented what self-love means to her, and now Anna Szabó has the main role, with her SELF-LOVE graphic collection debuting on Valentine's Day. On the occasion of this, we prepared an interview in which we can gain a deeper understanding of Anna's works through her own words.

How long have you been a member of the Printa team, what tasks do you perform?

I joined Printa a little over a year ago as a shop assistant. It's quite easy to deduce what I do, but for example I pack the orders, brand the clothes and keep our monstera alive.

Name your favorite item from Printa!

That's pretty impossible to answer, but if I really have to, I'd probably say Reni's popcorn bag. :)

What theme do these six prints cover, what inspired them?

These drawings were made last fall during a difficult period when I felt that I had to change, that the situation I was in was not good. There are things that unfortunately are not up to me, but I changed what I could. For this state, I managed to find the perfect #inktober list, which focused on this variable, attentive to yourself, self-love thing, so I tried to take advantage of this to draw out everything in myself, but really everything that hurt, that I loved, what I was missing and what I needed.

Your graphics were created in sunny yellow and cobalt blue colors. Why did you choose these two shades?

There isn't a shade of blue I don't like, but there's something bold and bold about this deeper blue that I especially like to use when I'm drawing/painting anyway. This is a sure point for me, a base. The blanket you hide under when you want to disappear for a bit. I feel that if I use blue, it can't be a big problem.

Sunny yellow is happiness. It's like when you pull back the curtains in the morning and see the sun shining and putting a smile on your face. It's a small thing, but it's good for your soul, and I think that's what self-love is all about. These two colors together are a kind of "safe place" for me, and that's exactly what I wanted to show.

Which print is closest to you and why?

Entitled "Shame". It's sad and depressing and depressing, but the thing is, when I drew this, I was relieved. I had to draw out of myself, and it was very good that I succeeded.

Anna Szabó's entire SELF-LOVE graphic collection can be viewed at the webshop or offline at Rumbach Sebestyén utca.

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