Jani for Printa - interview with János Deák, designer of the collection and Printa's leading tailor

We welcome a new mini collection at Printa: Jani for Printa consists of a quality jacquard costume set available in two colors.The dreamer of the collection is János Deák, who has been coloring Printa with his expertise for a long time.

Jani previously worked in a high-quality, traditional tailor's shop, where he was able to put his experience gained over the course of 10 years to great use for these two looks - as well as for other Printa pieces.For Printa, Jani represents the origin of tailoring in the workshop; since he joined the team, the collections have definitely gone to the next level.Jani came from classical tailoring, which strictly followed the lines of the female silhouette, so it was a challenge for her to relearn the traditional Printa lines; for oversized and one-size styles, as well as the zero waste tailoring technique.In the end, this process turned out to be an advantage for the brand, as it was interesting for them to observe how, as part of the challenge, he combines the experiences he has gained with new knowledge.For this reason, a feminine line appears in Printa clothes, while the pieces kept the playfulness, environmental awareness, oversized styles and flexible silhouettes characteristic of the brand's roots.This is a valuable and timeless contrast that Printa owes primarily to Jani.Furthermore, since he has been a member of the permanent team, their relationship with the customers has become much deeper and more personal, since thanks to him, they can make clothes to the maximum extent, even to individual sizes.

To get to know the Jani for Printa collection and the designer's thoughts about the pieces a little more closely, we prepared a mini-interview in which you can read his main thoughts on the pieces!

What role tödo you play at Printa, what tasks do you perform?

            I am primarily responsible for making the clothes.This includes the modeling and sewing of sample pieces of the collections, the preparation of their tailoring samples, and then the coordination of the construction staff during production, as well as ensuring the procurement of materials and supplies, and monitoring stockpiles.In addition, individual requests (e.g.: length, abundance adjustment) I also mainly deal with the solution.



Jani for Printa pieces are made of jacquard fabric.Why did you choose this particular material, what can you know about it?

            On the one hand, I chose this fabric because of the possibilities inherent in the weaving of the material (a 100% cotton fabric made of different thickness yarns, loosely woven, similar to the boucle fabric), and on the other hand, I was excited by the thought of whether a relatively lower price, more "ordinary" can such spectacular and high-quality garments be made from this material that do not look crappy - if we know the classic Chanel creations - but are not astronomically expensive.

The mini collectionód consists of a costume set with a skirt, which is available in két color eavailable.What inspired this két look?

            The structure of the raw material was the primary inspiration, it made me want to experiment.This textile was the basis of my thesis, around which I built the collection included in my thesis, in which I created many material manipulations and designs.These two looks are slightly revised versions of the designs in my thesis.



Who made this collection, how >do you remember the wearerét?

            I can imagine my collection on ageless ladies for whom it is important to live with attention to their environment, to wear clothes made from as natural materials as possible, in a non-exploitative way, which, in addition to all this, do not merge into the mass products dictated by the current fashion.

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