We are launching a new series of blog posts featuring a specific piece of Printa clothing each time in five ways. It's important to be able to make the most of your wardrobe, not only for personal reasons, but also for sustainability.

Zita Majoros - the designer of Printa - always keeps her pieces in harmony with each other when designing the collections, so almost any piece can be paired with any of them. We want to show you this in practice, plus give you styling ideas. Read on for the full blog post!

The first character in the natural cotton linen slouchy women's pants . It's a mom-fit, beet-shaped, loose-fitting pair of pants that can be combined with just about anything.


You can wear our slouchy pants sportily: just grab a loose top - it's recommended to stick in front - a sneaker and you're ready to go! You can even add a belt to your set, and throw in another cardigan, sweater or loose jacket in cooler weather!


Our slouchy pants can be worn elegantly; the light beige color already suggests a sleeker look by default. Choose a nice blouse and a stylish shoe - it can even be a stylish stiletto heel - or combine it with a simple top, a delicate belt , and a unique brushed Printa jacket !


Smart casual kits are becoming increasingly popular. Our slouchy pants are great for that too, as they are a loosely elegant piece in itself. Wear a sneaker, a simple top and a blazer! The Printa mustard blazer is a perfect choice because it is formal, but not excessive due to its color and double-row buttoning. If you don't feel the whole thing after that, throw it in with simple but not ordinary jewelry - Zita chose the semicircular wooden earrings .


This bohemian line-up is designed for those whose comfort is paramount and whose style is sleek and relaxed. For slouchy pants, wear a comfortable shoe or slippers, a urban tote bag that fits everything, and with the Thanks no t-shirt you can smuggle some humor into your look and everyday life. Finally, pick up a soft, long cardigan that you won't be cold in when the Indian summer gets cooler.


You can wear our slouchy pants in any style on a casual basis, but it's always worth the comfort. With these Printa knitted rubber waist sweaters , these pants provide a really casual overall look. Pair it with sneakers or even cooler shoes in cooler weather! And with a classic balloon jacket, you can make this casual set even more authentic.

We hope you found our blog post useful and inspired by our ideas!

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