In the first round, we collected gift ideas that were more for women, and this time for men and kids. Quality time spent together is the most valuable gift we can give and receive, but everyone still wants to enjoy it, which is why this second Printa gift guide has been created.

  1. The perfect winter sweater

Everyone needs a fluffy, soft sweater, regardless of gender or age, so you can always be sure with such a Christmas gift. You will also find several men's and children's sweaters in different colors and designs. Most sweaters are made from organic cotton and knitwear is made from recycled cotton yarn.

  1. Eco-friendly posters

How can a poster be environmentally friendly? We use recycled paper, on which the graphics of the Hungarian artists are printed by hand in water-based screen printing in the Printa workshop. The range is diverse, so you can find the perfect piece for any style of interior. Even for the little ones, we have a selection full of lovely prints that will be refreshing for any nursery.

  1. A useful accessory for everyday life

If you choose a gift that makes your everyday life easier, your loved one will surely be very grateful for it. In the Printa UNIQUE collection you will also find two types of backpacks, a side bag and a waist bag, which are made of recycled leather and are available in several variants. You can also find the popular Printa doodle pattern on a leather wallet , which includes a card holder, making it a really useful everyday accessory.

  1. Sweet dreams

Printa pillow dolls are lovely little friends by day and keep the dreams of children at night while also functioning as a little pillow. Polar cats , Whales , Santa Claus , Christmas tree elf , Dog and Fox in the webshop in the form of a pillow doll, so you can easily find the right gift for your little one. Each piece is made of recycled textile stuffing and is made of recycled cotton or linen-cotton blend.

  1. Hungarian design

Give a Hungarian design product as a gift! Renáta Zsiga designed and executed her latest limited edition ceramic collection exclusively for Printa, we simply can't be admired for her work. The collection is characterized by multifunctionality and light aesthetics, so we get more than just visual enjoyment, as the individual pieces are born for everyday life. Anyone can enjoy such a gift, regardless of gender, and the sleek design harmonizes nicely with any interior.

  1. Cleared booklets

The Printa paperback sketchbooks are handmade in a bookbinding workshop in Budapest, with a screened kraft board on the outside and recycled paper. They are also available in A6 and A5 sizes, with six different screen-printed prints. Kids love to draw or keep a diary in it, and men can come in handy on weekdays, even as a notebook.

  1. Stylish ornaments

Printa pillowcases and other interior accessories are available in a wide range of colors and styles, so you have a choice if you want to give a gift to your loved one. mixed with wooden buttons and designer prints with water-based screen printing. The graphics include Budapest-themed, abstract and brush strokes, as well as a Christmas.

Black Brush Stroke Round Pillow Case
Doodle Pattern Leather Wallet
Doodle Pattern Natural Organic Cotton Sweater
Free Brush Pattern gray men's sweater
IRKAFIRKA beige-black graphics - Majoros Zita

The last few years have been a ordeal for all of us, so if you may not have the opportunity to donate an item, focus more on the programs: joint cooking and baking, literary reading and social evenings, winter walks and excursions may come! These are just a few of the many examples, feel free to unleash your imagination!

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