Slowly for a decade, we have been designing Budapest-themed T-shirts, posters and souvenirs. The popularity of the collection is unbroken, but we don't admire it: we love the capital so much because it is always able to show something new and exciting.

In the hustle and bustle, however, we sometimes long for the tranquility of nature. We chose our holidays on the shores of Lake Balaton as inspiration - the part of our childhood memories is the large sand castles, paddling in the shallow water; we also love sailing and hiking as adults.

It is in this spirit that we have selected the ingredients: old sails and used jeans. We got leftovers from the Mandragora design for the leather details - we’re very happy with the offer, as they have less waste and fit our accessories beautifully, it was wonderful to work with such beautiful leathers.

We have tried to simplify the design of the samples. The silhouettes of the sailboats rocking on the waves return on the posters and t-shirts, the red “BALATON” inscription and the outlines of the lake unambiguously identify the Hungarian sea.

It is extremely important to us that not only our raw materials but also our production processes are sustainable. We screened the samples by hand with water-based paint on the substrates in our own studio, so each piece is of artistic value and a little different.

We are looking forward to a good time to show these beautiful new things to Lake Balaton, we hope you will love them too!

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