The superpower of bouquets is to immediately lift the ambiance of any room. Made from dried flowers, you can enjoy the view much longer, and they don't have water to change, and you don't have to refresh their stems. Of course, we love them not primarily because of their simplicity, but because of their fragile aesthetics, the Printa store is often decorated with a bouquet or two. You can also take finished compositions home, but if you feel like it, give it a chance because it's an infinitely meditative, fun process!

It's not a secret that Zita Majoros - the designer of Printa - is passionate about dried flowers, so we asked her to make three bouquets and share her tips with us. Although he claims to be an amateur, we strongly doubt this statement after seeing her beautiful works.

Where do you get dried flowers?

"I picked up some of the dried flowers in  in Felsőörs in the summer, and I got the rest at the flower market and from the Arbonika . When you go for a walk, always keep your eyes on the wild flowers! "- Zita Majoros


The first is a classic, eclectic bouquet, which should be made with a pleasant asymmetry between the two sides. Feel free to leave some stems longer to get them more attention and make the whole picture more exciting!

Red decor vase


Zita was inspired by the rich canopies in this composition, the bouquet is diverse and dense, immediately catching the eye. It’s almost all made up of white saltdrop, which causes the optical illusion of a fine layer of snow sitting on it.

Black vase


This bouquet is a combination of two easily available dry flowers: reed and yarrow. In this variation, the essence of the bouquet is given by the different dimensions, so we encourage you to dare to leave some stems extremely long and to compose an oversized bouquet in a tiny vase!

Beige polka dot vase

We hope Zita's tips come in handy and we've made you want to make some homemade bouquet!

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