Want pictures on the wall but don't really know how to get started? Do you just unload one or more? If more in what compilation? What fits what?

This article provides tips for different image combinations.

Image sequences:

The most obvious is to sort from a series , such as our abstract or Balaton prints, which are designed to stand out separately, but put together to form a complex wall design. Here you can safely combine image sizes, we show examples of this. For our brown or brown organic abstract images, we can best imagine our brown wood frames.

András Baranyai's pictures fit together, but they are very rich in detail, so don't put more than 2 pictures in one place. The same goes for every detail rich work.

Select from our Balaton pictures
Select from our Organic Abstract images

If you want to combine multiple artists / styles

Feel free to mix creations from multiple artists in multiple styles, but we recommend combining 2 color images with 2 black and white / minimal images. The colors in the two color images should be consistent, but the sizes may be different. In our examples, you can see how you can combine images of different sizes and styles for an exciting and interesting compilation. These images are best matched with black photo frames.

Select Abstract Geometry from our Images
Select from Rifle Typographies

Black and white images

Black and white image combinations should never go wrong. We can play with shapes, types, negatives, the consistency of the image will always be due to the lack of colors. Black and white images are best for minimal style furniture.

Gold-toned images

Our graphics printed with gold ink have a very special effect. Such an image can also smuggle sparkle and elegance into the apartment. The gold-toned images go well with vintage and old-style furniture, creating an extra space and a peaceful atmosphere.

Select from Budapest images
Select from Golden graphics

At Print, all images are hand-screen printed, which is much better than digital or offset prints. If you would like to assign frames to the images or would like layout advice on the selected graphics, write to us at uzlet@printa.hu.

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