The main addition to the Breeze collection is the hemp belt made with the macrame technique. The knotted miracle is the work of Anikó Mengyán, who makes more beautiful products and DIY macrame packages under the name @anifactory. Read her story and see her creations

Tell us a little bit about your brand, how did you come up with the idea?
I went to art grammar school, where I am a textile and hand weaver in terms of my education. I loved it, we tried a lot of things in school besides weaving, like batik, sewing, mastering the technique of screen printing, and so on. It was a very inspiring medium. From my father's branch, my mother worked in the textile factory in Békéscsaba, so everything was full of materials, threads and yarns. This was what my sister and I loved because the babies had something to sew new clothes from. I loved all forms of creativity and tried a lot. My life then turned to photography and then marketing. Later, to revive my knowledge, I started going to a weaving school and it was around this time that I found macrame hunting as well. The yarns were at hand, and the technique didn't seem complicated after weaving.
What is a macrame?
Macrame is a knotting technique. In the 13th century, Arabic weavers first used the technique and later in the 14th-15th centuries. It has been a widespread technique in Europe since the 16th century. The popularity of macrame actually started in America in the 1960s and 70s. My earliest memory was a very thin yarn-knotted wall decoration for my mom. I remember always trying to braid the fringes at the bottom, with less success. Today, macrame technique is used to make bags, bags, clothes, belts, wall decorations, flower holders, swings, and I could list them.

Why hemp?
I live in a family where those around me are very receptive to sustainability, the environment, the conscious or more conscious creation. So I involuntarily absorb this "feeling of life" and the knowledge about it. So even though I tried to pay attention to what kind of yarn I used from the beginning, I felt I could find better than that, I wasn’t happy with the recycled cotton yarn that was available in stores.
I delved into the subject and read about hemp to be my way. Hemp is one of our most sustainable crops for several reasons. One of the reasons is that its field of application is extremely wide. It is used from animal litter to the food, construction and automotive industries to pharmaceutical and textile manufacturing. In addition, it "grows incredibly fast, growing to four meters tall in three months. There are no weeds that can compete with it, so there is no need to use herbicides on hemp fields. It has few pests, so in many cases it doesn't need to be sprayed. for growth than for cotton and a quarter during processing. " (source: )
It was a special mission to get it from Hungary if it was hemp. But it worked! :)
In addition, I really liked the scent, the material and the texture.
Products, diy packages, courses… How do you see the future of your brand?
The brand image has been slightly transformed under the virus The line I planned anyway has become more precise. I want to make everyone love the technique itself. I want the opportunity to be creative, to reach more people. The macrame technique is not a complicated thing. The basic knots can also be used to make super things and the experience of success is guaranteed. Now that we had to be home a lot, I also heard from my immediate environment that they don’t know what to do, that they are bored, that they don’t have a hobby. In response, I started making DIY boxes. I’m still in the beginning, I’ll want to come up with more products. The workshops will also reinforce this direction, but in any case paying attention to the current situation of the epidemic.
The other line is that I want to combine weaving with macrame on different wall decorations.
Now that's all it occurred to me if there's anything else feel free to write me and I'll wait for the pictures! :)
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