Printa's offer has been expanded with a new collection of earrings, which is a continuation of the autumn Formes clothing collection. The characteristic amoeba-like forms of Formes have been transferred to the subject world; this is how the Kahli earrings were born. This time Zita Majoros was inspired by the world of the deserts, which is also reflected in the names of the products.

For example, the Acacia earrings are inspired by the prickly acacia, an evergreen shrub native to Australia, while the Sinai flies to the Sinai Peninsula, a distinctive shape that connects Asia to Africa with Africa, and Ryn to the west of Kazakhstan. refers to the desert.

What kind of earrings fit your face?

Many people are reluctant to use custom-designed earrings, even though they can nicely highlight the beneficial curves of the face and easily spice up any set, so we thought we’d give you some guidance on which face shape, which type of earrings would work best. Let's see which will be the most ideal model for you!


The narrow chin and widening face shape can be beautifully balanced with drop-shaped or wider earrings. The Zuni piece in the new Kahli collection is as perfect as possible for a heart-shaped face shape, but the Arid earrings are sure to work well.


In addition to the square lines, the broadly curved, oval or circular pieces look great. The Sinai and Scribble Large Amoeba Wood Earrings will look great, but feel free to choose the Scribble Patterned Circle Wood Earrings if you prefer simplicity.


If your face is diamond-shaped, your forehead and chin are narrow and your cheekbones are firmer and wider. It is not recommended to choose a piece longer than the chin line, so clean, tiny earrings will be your best companions. The Scribble Pattern Amoeba Wood Earrings is available in three sizes, all of which will fit you, be it small , small or medium . From the Kahli collection, the Acacia earrings can also be ideal, even though they are dangling as they do not touch the undercut.


To balance rounded curves, it's best to choose angular geometric shapes and earrings that are as long as possible, as they provide nice lines to your face. Choose the new Edan earrings or, if you want something more restrained, the Straight Wood earrings!


Smaller, shorter earrings are the most ideal for an oval face shape, but the square, geometric shapes are also super! Longer, under-hanging dangling earrings should be avoided as they stretch optically. A great choice for you is the Zuni or Geometric Patterned Wooden Earrings, which are available in small , small and large sizes.

This blog post is intended as a guide, so don't shy away from shouting for earrings other than the one optically beneficial to your face. Regardless, you can still do well, which is always the best choice, which is the most self-identical and in which you feel the most comfortable.

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