A stylish belt is one of the most practical accessories, as it can be worn in many different ways and not only throws up any piece of clothing, but also significantly changes it: it also shapes the style and silhouette of the set. At Printa, we especially like to play with belts: the lightweight, oversized pieces - which can be found in large numbers here - are extremely versatile.

Now let's see what kind of belt you should choose for your physique!


Taller ladies with a larger surface area, even decorated with a pattern, are especially good for tall ladies. It is better to wear such statement pieces at the waist and leave the belts of average or smaller size on the hips. For example, our brushed jute cotton poplin belt is a truly unique yet stylish and clean


Shorter ladies should choose the thinnest belt possible, as this will stretch the body optically. If it is tied at the waist and is the same as the color of the garment, this effect will be even more dominant. For example, our black rope belt .

is perfect


The shorter upper body can be easily counterbalanced optically with a belt loosely fastened between the waist and the hips, thus creating a proper balance by forming a semicircular shape. An hemp belt with a nice fall yet strong enough can be ideal for this purpose. These are made by Printik Mengyán Anikó from sustainable and durable hemp.


If you have a boyish physique, tie your belt anywhere; on the waist, hips or between the two, it is always advisable to wear a loose cloth or top and pull it loosely out of the belt. This will create the illusion of a wider hip and a thinner waist. It is advisable to choose a thinner, tightly fastened belt, even if it is just this natural rope belt .


Ladies with wider hips are advised to avoid wearing a belt because it strengthens the area even more, but a piece tied at the waist will look great. It can be a belt as focused as possible to get attention in that area. Our beige lace-up belt is perfect for this purpose.


The wider shoulder belt can be nicely counterbalanced by a belt worn on the hip because it optically enhances that area and directs attention there. We recommend our knotted black leather belt , a true classic piece with a little twist!

With our article we just want to give you ideas and inspiration, but whatever your body shape, if you like a belt and feel good about it, it's definitely an ideal choice for you!

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