Everyone needs a canvas bag! Why? Because it’s a big-letter rushing bag that you just throw your stuff into in a hurry in the morning, grab it on your shoulder, and you’re ready to go. There’s another argument in favor of its functionality: a canvas bag can always fit in another bag when folded into small pieces, so it can be retrieved at any time for spontaneous shopping. Not only is it sustainable to leave plastic or paper bags, but the canvas itself is environmentally friendly. What’s more, our supplier is Continental Clothing, who, in addition to quality, place great emphasis on sustainable production, social responsibility and reducing carbon emissions. The graphics that decorate the bags are hand-printed on the material in the Printa workshop. Also, we think the canvas bag is a real Printa accessory, as it’s the most obvious way to always take your favorite graphics with you. Let’s face it, the choice isn’t easy even for us, so today’s article will tell you which piece is right for you based on your taste and lifestyle.


Every year, sitting on needles, waiting for an unusual outing at Lake Balaton? Take your summer memories with you all year long! Our Balaton-themed canvas bags have been created with two types of graphics: choose the Balaton B letter or the Balaton patterned natural canvas bag!


Do you hate canvas bags because you always feel like you bought a black hole instead of a bag? Well, we know the case well, so we designed the multi-pocket canvas bag . This is a particularly heavy-duty, large-sized shopper with pockets and compartments of various sizes on the outside so you can easily organize your things. Last but not least, how old is it to walk with such a bag?


For Printa's designer, Zita Majoros, the capital has always been a major source of inspiration, especially in the dark-patinated Seventh District . We can thank three new Budapest-inspired canvas bags for this passion. If you also love big city architecture and bustling everyday life, choose Budapest Bridges , Black Gutter , Black Buildings or Black VII . district canvas bag.


If you want a humorous, everyday accessory, the Printa Past - Girl Gang canvas bag will be your favorite. The image serving as the basis of the graphics was found in the Fortepan image archive, where Hungary's XX. From the moments of the 19th century, we selected the ones we liked the most, the funniest or the strangest, which we paired with matching inscriptions. You can find them on t-shirts , postcards and of course the canvas bag.


The Printa regular canvas bag is made for lovers of typography, it is also a surprise if the gift is some kind of graphic. Of course, we also absolutely understand if you just like the pattern of a regular bag. :)


If you prefer to shop with a canvas tub, we've come up with a multi-compartment shopper for you. Its huge size, two inside pockets and glass compartments make it easy to enter the market and protect your shopping list creations.You can also take the mesh shopper with you, asking for vegetables and fruits instead of using smaller nylon bags


If you're just looking for a stylish, large and durable canvas bag, we recommend the floral or large face patterned canvas bag. Their sleek but playful graphics work with any style and color outfit.

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