Printa graphics don’t just come back on posters, garments, and canvas bags; you can also get your favorite in the form of pillowcases. The samples are applied to the 100% cotton fabric by hand, with water-based screen printing in the Printa workshop. There are several styles on the product range: we really have a pillowcase for every interior! These have now been thematically gathered in one place, read on for the full list!


Our urban pillowcases are made for lovers of Budapest and big city life. The “ Vintage Pest ” pillowcase presents a subjective map, while the “ Buildings Around ” pillowcase depicts individual buildings in the Seventh District . The pillow covers with gutter covers, which are available in two colors, show the less typical symbols of Budapest: regular, illustrative, mandala-like circles under which the city's gutter system runs.

Vintage Pest pillowcase

Buildings round pillowcase

Beige cushion cover with channel cover

Gold Duct Cover Pillowcase


Brush stroke pillowcases come with their sophisticated simplicity. The dynamic graphics were inspired by classic oriental culture, Japanese elegance, polished with a modern style in Zita Majoros' vision. This will be your favorite if the aesthetics of your home are restrained and you want to stay on that line with the decor as well. You can take it home in mustard, natural and black.

Mustard Brush Stretch Pillowcase

Natural Color Brush Stretch Pillowcase

Black Brush Stroke Circle Pillowcase


Pillowcases with abstract faces have almost become a trademark of Printa and have been a favorite of many since their debut. It is the perfect choice for any style of home. Lightweight accessories that still attract and capture the eye while giving cheerfulness and color to your living room and bedroom.

Pillowcase big face

Vase patterned pillowcase


Our “Don’t Touch” pillowcase speaks for itself, and the “Muse” pillowcase depicts an abstract female figure. The former invigorates any interior due to its playfulness and terracotta color, while the latter is a natural but memorable ornament. Both can be ideal for you if you want lightweight but characterful decorations that solidly suggest your feminist stance.

Muse Pillowcase
Don't Touch Pillowcase

If you're interested in other living room and bedroom decorations, click here for the full Printa collection!

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