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The last year has been very worn out with the need to cook on a daily basis. I’ve been running out of ideas lately and I’m bored of meeting everyone in the family with my cooking stuff.

At the same time, I like to cook, I like to experiment, and I like food styling, if I weren't an artist / fashion designer / entrepreneur / graphic artist I could imagine going to be a gastroblogger.

So now, referring to Easter, I figured out how to make brunch from foods I love. I’m vegan, not vegan and dairy products play an important role in my kitchen so being non-vegan and lactose sensitive is a brunch for it.

I still strive for zero waste cooking, this brunch is also completely plastic free. It's not zero waste because I bought a few things in glass (pumpkin seed oil) and paper (sugar and flour) from locally produced and grown ingredients.

I dreamed this

Walnut quiche with blue onion and green onion

Pesto Cottage Cheese Cream with Parsley

Egg-spring onion-radish salad

Vegetables with cheese on bread

Boiled eggs painted with purple cabbage and turmeric

Mascarpone beet sticks with frozen cherries

Approx. in half an hour I was shopping at my favorite Klauzál tér market. At Boci milk I bought the dairy products in my own boxes (sour cream, cheeses, cottage cheese and mascarpone !!!

Vegetables, nuts and eggs at the super gastronomic vegetable counter, where everything is always there. So there wasn’t that much macera shopping, and not a single piece of plastic packaging came home with me.

Everything was really good, I was very satisfied and I used the products of the BARE collection for serving.

I used the recipes I found for the food to start with, but I varied them to describe my versions to see if I had inspired someone and wanted to reproduce what I saw.


Ingredients for pasta:

150 g flour and 120 g butter, salt to taste

Ingredients for filling:

a bunch of wild onions

200 g sour cream

200 g mascarpones blue cheese

2 eggs

50 g coarsely ground walnuts, salt to taste.

For the dough, melt the butter and mix it with the flour and put it in the fridge for 20 minutes to cool. I line the baking tin (24cm) around the dough and smear it with a little egg, then I bake it at 200 degrees for 20 minutes. I mix the filling ingredients, I cut the shallots, the cheese is soft, I just mix it with the sour cream. I pour this into the dough-lined mold and bake for another 30 minutes at 180 degrees. Serve with fresh green salad.

Spring onion radish egg salad

3 boiled eggs

2 bunches of radishes

1 bunch of spring onions

2 dl sour cream


I cut the radish in half and slice it into thin slices and the spring onion into rings. I separate the yolk and the protein from the egg, mix the yolk into the creamy sour cream, cut the protein into smaller pieces and mix it with the chopped vegetables.

I salt the vegetables and let them stand for a while to release the moisture, then I drained and mixed them with the egg yolk sour cream Toast is divine!

Parsley pesto cottage cheese

2 bunches of parsley

2 cloves garlic

50 gr nuts

50 ml pumpkin seed oil

300 g cottage cheese

I grind the parsley, walnuts, pumpkin seed oil, garlic together if it can be creamy (I didn't really succeed with my own tools) and mix it with the cottage cheese. Served with fresh vegetables, beets, bell peppers.

Beetroot sticks

2 eggs

200 g beets

100 gr nuts

50 g cane sugar

50 gr flour

a little ginger

for the cream:

300 g mascarpone

1 lemon juice

30 g cane sugar

I chopped the walnuts and beets together, I added the sugar, the 2 eggs and the flour. Using a small gingerbread circle, I poured the dough onto a baking sheet and baked it out in about 30 minutes. Their exterior solidifies but the inside has remained soft crumbly. I mixed the mascarpone with the lemon juice and sugar, spooned the mascarpone between the slightly cooled carrot cake slices and put it on top, topped with frozen cherries. Of this amount, 6 are approx. A 6 cm cake tile has come together if you want to double the quantities.

The waste after cooking can be completely composted, and since we're going to our plot now, I'll take it with me and throw it in the compost!

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