Our end-of-season discount is still in full swing, so we thought we’d show through Printa glasses what sets we would wear for different occasions. You’ll also find women’s and men’s outfits in our article, both light and dark variations, all you have to do is imagine a season-appropriate shoe and jacket for them, and of course the extra layers while the cool weather is still going on. Scroll down for Printa outfits!


Office set in Printa mode? This time we voted for natural colors and combined the creamy shades with a charmingly frizzy ashy purple slouchy pants. If you are a believer in transparency, the multi-pocket canvas bag will be a dream come true for you, as the concept of the bottomless women's bag will be obsolete in addition to its heavy carrying capacity and external organizing elements. Get it now at a discount!

Zippered Women's Sweater
Light Purple Cotton Slouchy Women's Pants
Leather Pass and Card Holder
Multi-Pocketed Canvas Bag
Natural rope belt
Straight wooden earrings


This set of women and men is made for days when you don't feel like dressing because common sense tells you to sleep a quarter of an hour more than pick out outfits. Everyone has days like this, but we still want to look good. You won't be disappointed with the Printa turtleneck sweatshirts: you just pick it up and you're ready to go! You'll enjoy royal comfort all day long, and the 7th round knit hat will make the cozy experience even more complete.

7ker black knitted hat
Black turtleneck
Scribble patterned soft cover sketchbook
Large face patterned canvas bag with black strap

Unique Recycled Large Leather Backpack
Gray Cotton Men's Pants
Pocket Long Sleeve Black Men's T-Shirt


Although we still have plenty of winter days, we can catch some sunshine during the weekend with a little luck. Thinking about these easy walks, we’ve put together this set of women’s and men’s, with their bright color palette already inviting spring. Tap on our soft bandages, which you can get now at a discount!

Leaf Duct Necklace
Beige Knitted Cardigan
Zt Purple Cotton Canvas Balloon Jacket
Natural cotton canvas slouchy women's pants
Floral shopper

Mustard Cotton Canvas Men's Pants
Beige Knitted Men's Turtleneck
Natural Mustard Cotton Canvas Men's Overshirt
Leather card holder


This set is designed for the rushing everyday, which is sporty and light yet lightly stylish. Dark blue is good for everyone and makes an appealing impression. The floral scarf brings a hint of byte into the loose overall look, and the Manager of Myself t-shirt reminds you all day that nothing can stand in your way and everything will be fine anyway.

Blue cotton overshirt jacket
Dark blue cotton slouchy women's pants
Dark blue floral scarf
Manager of myself unisex white t-shirt
Unique recycled black leather side bag

Don't miss out on discounted end-of-season pieces, browse the full collection by clicking here!

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