Although we are engaged in the design and manufacture of clothing, we consider it important to emphasize the design of a conscious wardrobe. That's why we're writing this secondhand september project, from which you can tell what you're motivating.

The idea comes from the British organization Oxfam, whose latest project has already "infected" the world. The goal is basically to push back fast fashion products, as an awful lot of unnecessary clothes are created, which they don't know what to do, they burn them for lack of a better one.

In contrast, the lifespan of things bought in a thresher will increase if you carry it for a few more years. It's important that you don't land your bored clothes in the trash afterwards, donate them to those in need, or try to sell them yourself.

But rummaging isn’t the only way to get used clothes. We've put together some tips on how to green and make your wardrobe stylish with used clothes.

Vintage store instead of Turi - both sell used clothes, but it doesn't matter what. While thunderstorms have 1-5 year old clothes, vintage stores also have 20-30… 50 year old clothes. The difference is the quality. While since the 2000s, garments around here have increasingly been made from petroleum derivatives, they used to produce garments of better quality and more durable, but that is not the only reason. Fashion works strangely, very fast-paced, in a 2-3 year old piece, if not very minimal and clean, it already looks like it’s not fashionable. A vintage piece, on the other hand, is “out of place,” and when combined with 1-2 more pieces, it can look very fresh and unique. Our favorites are the Vintage Humana and the vintage shops in neighboring Ludovika.

One of Zita's favorite pieces, the balloon jacket, came from her father's closet

Family Wardrobes - In order to wear an outfit, we need to love and attach to it. And what could shape a greater attachment than what our parents wore? Take a look at those sealed boxes and suitcases, you can find treasures. We tend to forget that our parents were once young and cool, and there are traces of this somewhere, we ask them to account for them :)

Online Marketplaces - A really convenient way to travel, especially during quarantine online, enter online used clothing marketplaces and look around. Fortunately, better and better photos are being taken of the pieces for sale, which also makes it easier to shop online.

The picture shows our green trapeze dress from recycled shirts

Upcycling pieces - not just us, but more and more brands are recycling used clothes, textiles and leather. This has the same purpose as a turin - to extend the life of an already manufactured piece of textile. What we add is a fresh shape and design that adds value to the material used.

Style Tip:

Never make full outfited used clothes or accessories! Have at least one piece of new (like) one on you to strengthen your conscious look - that those used / vintage / old pieces are on you for a reason and not because you are a time traveler.

On the left Zita combined her vintage gray skirt (Vintage Humana) with recycled cotton yarn knitted sweater (Printa) and on the right vintage white jeans with a striped top made of recycled men's shirts (Printa) and a used crochet bag.

And don't forget that we also accept used clothes at Printa (but it doesn't matter what) - we are very happy with men's shirts, jeans and used, even torn / damaged leather jackets. Feel free to submit them to us.

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