How does a Printa designer spend a Monday?

Hogyan telik a Printa tervezőjének egy hétfői napja?

This time we prepared an unusual blog post for you: we asked the designer of Printa, Zita Majoros, to document her typical Monday. In the blog post, you can find out, among other things, how Zita starts and ends her day, how the Printa team works together, what difficulties can arise during work - all of this accompanied by personal photos, in Zita's words. Let's see!

I'm not a lark, but unfortunately I have to get up early because of the children at school, and this causes a lot of difficulty every day. I wish I could say that I wake up fresh and full of energy, but that's not the case, I find it hard to pull myself together. With great effort, I do the usual morning exercise and try to perk myself up with a long black coffee.

I always walk the 10-15 minute journey from my home to Printa, my brain is relatively fresh by then. I like to go for a walk, listen to podcasts, think about my day, what to do, and often come up with new ideas. Although the route is always the same, I really like the walk between the Palace Quarter and the Jewish Quarter, it's always cozy - even if someone calls the gray buildings with a patina cozy, but I like them.

We always start Monday with a joint meeting, we discuss the week and reflect on the past week. For me, my day does not only consist of planning, there are also a lot of organizational and administrative tasks. Design is the most creative part of my work, but for that reason it is also the most difficult, since you can't really do it at the push of a button, you need inspiration and atmosphere, and of course a deadline. I set the latter, moreover, for myself, which is not easy. It's a bit of a schizophrenic state, when my boss self expects creative plans from my designer self on time, while my creative self may be suffering from a creative crisis. Since other people's work often depends on this, my colleagues also remind me that they expect a plan, an answer, a decision from me, and this greatly helps the process. Fortunately, over the years I've learned to make quick and efficient decisions, to trust my feelings, and to know that if I'm enthusiastic and a fan of the new collection being made, there will surely be others who will like it.

Lunch is always shared, the team eats together, and in the meantime we watch a series, right now Jóbarátak. I bring food from home in a box, today's menu was leftovers from yesterday: fried vegetables, rice, beans, hummus and avocado-mango salad.

I walk home after work and family life begins. The afternoon is spent walking the dog or cooking, and we talk about their day with the children, having dinner together.

In the evening, I often return to planning in the calm conditions of my home. I have also designed my home to provide a meditative, inspiring environment for both rest and work, as I am in the fortunate position that my work is my hobby and my recreation at the same time.