Dog Collection Against Shelter Discrimination: Printa Black Dog Club

Did you know that dogs with black fur are much more likely to be homeless? In addition to clothing and home furnishing products, the sustainable brand Printa has now come up with a dog collection, with which it draws attention to black dogs with a difficult fate.

At shelters, it can be clearly observed that pets with light fur find owners sooner than their counterparts with darker fur.In America, this was given the name BBD - Big Black Dog - a term that refers to the phenomenon when a dog is not considered for adoption because of its temperament or health, but simply because of its black fur.

"When we adopted our dog in 2017, we didn't even notice that almost every dog ​​in the shelter was black, except for one very old white pit bull who was isolated from everyone else.This is how our black dog Kira came to us, as there was really no other option.I don't know what would have happened if, for example, there had been a cute beige or brown puppy with Kira.I didn't know about the phenomenon at the time, and in the absence of a conscious decision, it's easy to imagine that I wouldn't choose a black dog either, but I'm very happy that it turned out that way.Kira is the most beautiful, most wonderful dog!" - Zita Majoros, designer of Printa

The most obvious explanation for this lies in the symbolic meaning of the color black, as it is associated with all negative concepts, from evil to bad luck to grief.History has not spared this connotation either, for example, according to ancient Greek mythology, the demonic-looking, three-headed black dog Kerberos also guards the gates of the underworld with black fur.In movies and fairy tales, it is rare to see a dark-colored dog in the good role, even a fictitious red dog gets a heroic character sooner.

Another hindering factor is that the facial expressions of black dogs are optically more difficult to discern, and it is more challenging to photograph them, so they are more difficult to find owners in the online space.

After this, it is not surprising if people consciously or even subconsciously associate color with negative things from their gut.Printa wants to draw attention to this and encourages adopters to take a closer look at the little pets with black fur when choosing them.

The Black Dog Club collection consists of practical accessories that every dog ​​owner would really appreciate! In addition to the basic pieces - natural and blue leather collar, leash, denim material dog harness, dog jute holder, dog poo bag holder made of 100% jute material - Printa also thought of the case when we travel with our four-legged friends: a cotton car seat belt for the safety of pets, the portable dog bed And is responsible for sweet lounging.Of course, the accessories for playtime cannot be left out: bone-shaped dog toys made of denim and the classic knotted rope toys are also included in the collection.

The Black Dog Club collection not only sheds light on the injustice with black dogs, but also on their beauty and lovability, as any such prejudice is completely absurd and wrong.

The Printa Black Dog Club collection can be viewed on the webshop and in the Rumbach Sebestyén utca store.

Source: Leonard, A.(2011).The plight of "Big black dogs" in American animal shelters: Color-based canine discrimination.Pap Kroeber Anthropol Soc, 99, 168-183.

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